Welcome our new Regular Contributors!

by Doc

A few weeks back I announced our newest growths to the Amiibo Doctor network – you can read about that here. The application for deadlines has closed as of yesterday, and I’ve made my decisions!

Our three new Regular Contributors are:

  • Nozomu
  • Bones Malone
  • Spike

Nozomu will be producing videos, and has a great track record of making well-edited Smash videos. My own videos have never had a very high production value (I considered it quite the investment when I bought a $25 microphone), so bringing his talents into the mix is quite exciting for me.

Bones Malone is returning to the writing scene after his last stint as Professor Bones. Bones has experience writing about metagames through his website ‘Professor Bones Academy’, where he wrote about the different aspects of competitive Pokemon. Bones will bring welcome articles to populate this relatively quiet corner of the Amiibo Doctor network.

You’ve actually seen Spike’s work before in A New Tier List and the Reasons Behind it and PAL Season 2 Meta – Why Should You Care? as guest posts. Spike’s already proven his ability to inform and persuade readers on questions of the amiibo meta, so bringing him onboard was a no-brainer.

Remember, if you have something you’d like to contribute, you are more than welcome to! Guest Contributors are bound by no monthly quotas or requirements – but there’s no obligation for me to post their work, either. If you have a video that you’d like to get some attention, or something amiibo-related you’d like to get off your chest, get in contact with me! I can be found through Discord, Twitter and Youtube under the name Amiibo Doctor.

Stay tuned for their first contributions!


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