Training a Mii Gunner Amiibo for SSD

By Spike, Regular Contributor

   In regular amiibo, Mii Gunner is very simple- spam missiles, win games. In Super Sudden Death, however, strategies change. Mii Gunner still spams missiles, but that isn’t the most important part of her strategy- and the moveset isn’t even the same!

   This is the first training guide specifically for Super Sudden Death, to my knowledge, and hopefully you guys will support it. I’ve already written a general article about Super Sudden Death as a meta (, and, although it hasn’t caught on yet, interest was piqued. I won the first SSD tournament with my Mii Gunner, so I feel like I’m qualified to write this article. It may be updated if and when the SSD meta catches on and the meta changes, but for now, this is the best strategy.

   Let’s start with moveset. Normally, you would use Grenade Launch, Gunner Missile, Arm Rocket, and Bomb Drop. Stick with the first three, but you don’t want Bomb Drop in the SSD meta- go for Echo Reflector instead. The meta is ruled by characters with fast projectiles, such as Lucas, Villager, Ness, Snake, and King K Rool. Echo Reflector will give you the leg up on most of them.

   Before I get to the recommended training breakdown, I’m just going to point out that Lucas and Villager are bad matchups. Using Bomb Drop instead of Echo Reflector might help with them, but that leads to losing matchups against other high tiers, and I personally don’t want to do that, just for a chance against the other S+ tiers.

   The way to train a Super Sudden Death Gunner is simple- spam Missiles. 

   I’m joking. There’s a bit more to it, but spamming Missiles is a big part of it. If the amiibo isn’t right next to you, you should be spamming side special.

   Now, you should also use Echo Reflector on some of the amiibo’s Missiles. If the amiibo decides to reflect one of your Missiles back, let it hit you. Echo Reflector is the move that takes Mii Gunner from high to top tier in SSD, and the amiibo must learn it.

   As for other moves, there’s only a couple. First of all, if the amiibo is right next to you, use up tilt. The move traps opponents in it and covers a wide area. If the amiibo is directly above you, use up air. Up air is an instant kill (as are most moves in SSD), but it catches falling opponents quite well. If at the ledge, grab your amiibo and toss it off with a back throw.

   That’s it. Really, you just need to focus on teaching Missile and Echo Reflector. Up tilt is a nice bonus if the other amiibo gets close (Little Mac and Sonic, I’m looking at you!), but the Missile and Reflector pair are strong options that cement Gunner as top tier.

   If you want to get spicy, I taught my Gunner to up air if knocked off the stage. This isn’t going to come into play often (since most moves instantly kill in SSD), but the few amiibo designed to gimp here (Isabelle!) become easy wins.

   Gunner is a shoo-in for top tier, although maybe not the very top. With bad matchups against Villager and Lucas, I think she’s an amiibo that rarely will do bad, but maybe- just maybe- will miss out on the victory and settle for second or third. When people figure out how to optimize Lucas for SSD (expect a guide soon!), Gunner will inevitably have a popularity drop.

  Until next time, and remember-

    Never Stop Training.



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