A (small) recap of what amiibo meta shifts went down in 8.0.0

A bigger, longer, uncut list will be posted in video form on the Youtube channel! These are some quick points to be aware of:

  • Joker and Hero amiibo AI were not added in.
  • It appears that at least three amiibo had their AI improved to an incredible degree. Most notable is Bayonetta, who is generally considered to be the worst amiibo in the game. Early testing indicates she can perform a bizarre form of the ladder combo.
  • Spring Stadium hazardless is arguably legal, but not a good option for anything but casual tournaments.
  • Many top tier amiibo were given large character buffs, including King K. Rool and Pit. Incineroar received a small buff as well.
  • Several amiibo have been given built-in combos that weren’t previously available. This newfound combo ability may shake up what we’ve held true about the amiibo meta.
  • The new spirit effect is not useful in the Spirits metagame, so no major shakeups with Spirits are predicted to occur.


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