Did King K Rool’s AI get buffed?

By Spike, Regular Contributor
As some of you may know, one of my main amibo is a King K Rool. Naturally, when I saw the patch notes, the first reaction was “WOAH! Time to lab K Rool!” A few hours later, I’ve got some interesting findings to report!

King K Rool is an amiibo famously plagued with AI issues after using down throw; notably, he used to follow it up by using (and missing with) fsmash. Used to. Now, he uses a variety of moves to punish the opponent after using dthrow. You can’t teach him a specific move to use, and he still does dumb fsmash stuff sometimes, but the problem has been much allieviated. However, I still recommend not using any throws or grabs, because he does still do stupid stuff after dthrow.
He also has had an interesting AI change for his Crownerang. His AI seems to like it a lot more now, but it isn’t an extreme issue like Ganondorf’s uptilt, so I still reccomend using it occassionally, if cautiously.
The last major AI change affects his Blunderbuss. He no longer holds the vortex function when not needed, which is a major buff to his AI. Ergo, if the opposing amiibo moves away, he’ll prematurely drop it to give chase!
Move wise, dash attack and upsmash were both buffed. It doesn’t especially matter to the amiibo. They’re both good moves, but the amiibo playstyle shouldn’t change much. However, you can now probably get a decent K Rool just spamming dash attack, it just isn’t optimal.
If you want to learn how to train King K Rool, check out our guide (https://amiibodoctor.com/2020/04/17/how-to-train-the-king-k-rool-amiibo/), and make sure to check back soon, for “Is King K Rool Banworthy Now?”

That’s really it!
Never Stop Training.


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