The 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards you NEED to snag before 2020 ends

Nintendo has gone out of its way to reprint as many Animal Crossing amiibo cards as needed… but a few of them are still impossible to find. Here’s the 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards or figures that you should be trying to get before supply completely dries up.

If you’re the sort of person who’s reading this for market research to sell amiibo cards, I have a guide on making and marketing amiibo cards on Etsy.

For reference, we’re talking about authentic cards from Nintendo. Remember that the typical price of an amiibo card is about $1-2, single. Marshal - Nintendo Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Amiibo  Card - 264: Video Games
  1. Marshall

Marshall is one of the traditionally in-demand and popular animals in Animal Crossing – the squirrels. Authentic Marshall cards run you $10 absolute minimum even post-reprint, indicating that the available supply is already gone. Pietro - Nintendo Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Series 4 Amiibo  Card - 356: Video Games

2. Pietro

This little walking Stephen King novel will run you $14 post-reprint. It’s not hard to see why – Halloween was only a few weeks ago, and the fanbase seems to have purchased as many of these cards as possible so as to never sleep again.

lucky- nintendo animal crossing happy home designer series 4 amiibo card  -385 -

3. Lucky

I’m not making the pun. I’m not making the pun.

Lucky’s going for $25 right now. You’ll probably never see one, unless you get really… dammit.

Lolly (Character) - amiibo life - The Unofficial amiibo Database

4. Lolly

Lolly runs for $24 at the moment, used and out of box. Cats, dogs, squirrels and wolves all tend to be pretty popular amiibo cards, and Lolly’s the queen of the bunch.

5. Ankha

When she’s not oppressing the Israelites, Ankha likes to sell for around $25-30 on eBay… when you can find one. Ankha’s one of the rarest out there, so if you see one secondhand, you’d better snap it up.


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