The Game Awards Character Prediction

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Amateur Nostradamus

Nintendo announced that a character would be revealed at The Game Awards tonight. While I’ve got to appreciate their hustle for getting out of the several #FreeMelee-related disasters, I also am waiting for an official word from corporate.

In the mean time, let’s think about all the ways we can get hyped for the announcement, so we can come back to this post afterwards and be disappointed that it was another Fire Emblem waifu.

I want to pre-empt this by saying that the rumor mills have been saying Sora of Kingdom Hearts is going to be revealed, but I don’t think that’s as likely as…

Jonesy, of Fortnite

If Fortnite is ever going to make it into Smash, (I’ll let you decide whether it should or not), now is the perfect time. Fortnite has just started the Season 5 Zero Point Event, which is a massive crossover event that brings the Avengers, Star Wars, some anime-lookin’ chick, and a stack of pancakes into the world of Fortnite.

I’m not familiar with the current Fortnite lore, but it seems this season is based on “escaping the loop” of Fortnite, a reference to the fact that the Fortnite island is in a time loop of some kind. It’s totally possible that Nintendo reveals Jonesy has escaped the loop, or that a Nintendo character has breached the loop and entered Fortnite, in similar fashion to the Minecraft Steve reveal. Smash is, after all, the premier crossover game.

Oh, and I would love Fortnite in Smash. Fanbase and 8-year-old kids aside, it’s actually a really solid game if you’re into tactical shooters.


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