The Beginner’s Guide to Training a Fox amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by Superberry, Guest Contributor

Wassup, I’m Superberry, known for my Mii Brawler across many servers and I love to play amiibo for fun as a side event to get away from the competitive stress. I’ve been known for my Fox amiibo, Compree, who is Top 3 best Fox amiibo of all time and have shown to many people how hype Fox can be. I have high win rates on amiibots, one of the best Fox win rates. After many studies of all the bad habits and training styles of a Fox amiibo and figuring out which playstyle is the way to go I’ve decided to make a guide explaining what I did to train an optimal Fox amiibo.

AI Issues

Fox seems to Side B as soon as he gets launched in a horizontal direction which is really bad around 90 percent because he can drift into the blast zone. He tends to go for Up B randomly but sometimes he angles it horizontally to the nearest side of the stage he’s on causing him to Up B offstage and die. His forward air usage are terrible; it makes the Fox jump in the air too much and leaves him vulnerable. Do not use forward air at all in the process of training a Fox. He’ll excessively use it to the point where he starts jumping uncontrollably and will make that their main, go-to approach option always leaving him at risk for getting up smashed every time. This goes for any aerial, because Fox AI tends to love being in the air which is another reason why it should stay on the ground. Be careful on how you use these aerials because it can caused you the whole training.

Lasers are bad too. It doesn’t do anything because it has zero knockback, and Fox will randomly use it no matter where the opponent is on stage, even if he’s right next to him/her. Make sure to avoid using the move during the training or it will cost you. Fox struggles to kill in the air

Move Analysis:

Jab: jab is pretty good for catching parrys and good for damage racking but I don’t use it because Fox would need to stop his mobility or slow it down to input the move and It doesnt rack up damage as well as the other moves.

F-tilt: Good for leading into dash attack and side B but would not recommend spamming it for it makes Fox use it at high percentages but it can have a small benefit cause it will put the opponent in disadvantage.

D-Tilt: It’s an Ok move to use because Fox will either follow it up with forward air, up smash, or up air. Would not recommend using it at high percentage

Up tilt: One of the Fox amiibo best moves. Helps rack up percentage, and can hit from the back which is useful for behind parries. Fox AI around 50 percent will start following up with up air around 70 percent which can be a good killing option for the Fox. Fox has many move to use after up tilt which all are very help full such as up tilt into up B which can get you to like 40-60 percent with that one combo, up tilt into shine which is good for the Fox amiibo to tech chase the opponent, up tilt into up smash which can start the up smash juggle for Fox and up air into nair which can lead into dash attack. The only downfall I know is that he can go up tilt at a high high percentage which is bad because that will be his go to option until you’re dead because Fox AI will think you’re around 60 percent when you’re at 170 causing him to go for unreachable up airs.

Dash attack: This is what gets Fox going. Great for getting in when facing people with slow smash attacks ( let’s say Ike f smash, Ganondorf’s f smash for example). Great for racking damage because Fox can use Up tilt, N air, Up air, and sometimes Up smash that are all great moves which he can lead into, good for keeping opponents that relies on the ground into the air (Little mac and Snake for example), and is a fast option. Be careful on how much you use the move though because overusing it (which is spamming it) can be bad at high percentage. Fox might forget most of his kill options causing reverse 3-0’s just because he was at 200%, but don’t fully ignore it because this is a really good move for Fox.

Forward air: This has to be one of the worst moves you can use during this training. DO NOT USE IT AT ALL. Idk why but there’s something Fox has with this move where he wanna be one with the move and be in the air for long periods of time vulnerable to an up smash. The only time I can see you using this is either a small D-throw to Forward air combo or a D-tilt into Forward air combo but you should only be doing that twice in the whole training. This is also why it’s important for Fox to be grounded. If you use it more than twice, restart. It’s really important that the Fox amiibo doesn’t get into the habit of using this move

Back Air: The Fox’s AI back air usage is pretty good. I say try landing with this option for he can lead into a dash attack with it (it’s not always a guaranteed dash attack). land with it no matter the percentage because it’s a good killing option if your Fox forgets how to up smash. Don’t get into a habit of spamming the move or else he will start rising with the move and throwing random back air that can leave him vulnerable for an up smash.

Neutral air: I say it’s a pretty good landing option but there’s better moves in his kit. Don’t fully ignore it tho for it can be used after a dash attack to do a chain Fox combo (rare to see happen) don’t overuse use it tho cause then he’ll start to rise with the move(full hop the move).

Up air: I’d be careful with this move because it does require for the Fox to rise with the move. If you wanna play it safe then go for 1 or 2 up airs after hitting a up tilt around 60, dash attack, up smash, or a up throw around 80. It is a kill option so don’t fully ignore it around a high high percentage.

D- air: This has to be the 2nd worst move to use in training. Not as bad as forward air because it has its benefits for you can teach your Fox amiibo to lando with it into a dash attack or up smash. But at the same time don’t use it because this is one of the moves that will get Fox to start using forward air again. So I would say to use this move just once this training just so he can have another tool in his kit but I wouldn’t use the move at all.

Up smash: one of Foxes best moves that I highly recommend spamming. It has great kill power, Very fast, and good for juggling. Make sure you hit the move in the front only so the Fox can get a good understanding of where to hit the up smash. Can be good for ledge trapping for anyone who’s tryna recover high.

Forward smash: good for ledge trapping and a behind kill punish. But (In my opinion) isn’t
Much of a great move because the weak part of the moves range is very bad and can be out for very long. It’s also pretty slow and not as strong kill power as up smash but can be good for ledge trapping and catching sword characters f smash if Fox were to parry but up smash is the go to smash attack.

Down smash: Fox best ledge trapping option. It’s great for behind shield parry and has a good launch distance. Only use the move for ledge trapping or punishing behind shield parries tho or else he’ll think that’s his best killing option.

Neutral special: This move is pretty useless for it has no knockback, leaves him very vulnerable, when he uses it. I wouldn’t use this move at all, not even for ledge trapping because it’s already sorta built in to lasers.

Side special: Great approach option for getting out of corners and around high percentage can kill. Use it but don’t over use it because Fox will immediately input side b when getting launched horizontally causing him to drift near the bastzone killing him earlier then he’s supposed to. It also sucks against amiibo that are pros at parrying so be careful.

Down special: To be honest I don’t know much about this move to really give advice or warnings because Fox doesn’t always resort to the shine immediately when he detects an incoming projectile. It’s good for a tech chase after up tilt around 0 – 16 but as long as you don’t go offstage with the move you probably don’t need to worry about the usage as much, but yet again it doesn’t kill just be warned of that.

Up special: The only thing this move is good for is up tilt chain into up b around 10 percent. If you were gonna do that then aim it upwards AND ONLY UPWARDS. Or else he’s gonna go offstage with it. It’s not built in the AI to recover horizontally with the move but can do some mix ups instead of side b immediately. Use it only once or twice the whole training.

How to Train the Fox amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Level 1-16: I Immediately went in with a dash attack to show how fast he needs to be reacting and started spamming up tilts when I got in. My next action was depending where he was launched after the up tilt chains. If he was launched in front of me then I would go for up smash juggles. If he was above me then I would start up air juggling. I mainly worried about the small combos first so he can get an understanding of what to do. Ledge trap all i did was f smash because if he started to use d smash as ledge trapping he will start doing it randomly on the stage which is bad. I went for up smash, f smash and up air kills only. I used all of his moves just once just so he knows all of his moveset. I only did the small combos around this level (for ex dash-up tilt- shine-) I never left the ground as much either, only to do up air juggles but i shift into up smash juggles after 1 or 2 hits. I landed with back air more than I did with nair and combed bair into an up smash for dash attack. I also flickered my shield for every stock I take to help with the parries.

Level 17 – 36: mainly spammed up smash (both walking and running) and up air ladders. I started to longer combos and taught it to start getting in with side B. If he starts up smashing randomly even if he’s not around you I would start going for more dash attacks. At this point I decided to land with down air into dash attack or up smash just once. I also did d-tilt or d-throw into forward air. Around this level he would wanna start parrying or shielding more. If he does that go for more grabs maily b-throw and up-throw.

Level 36 – 45: Since the Fox AI will start to use forward air a bit or rise with aerials I mainly went grounded and played aggressive while still following the steps. More grounded options, more up smash killing, less up air juggling, and ledge trapping as much as possible. I started to use d smash ledge trapping at this point of the training.

Level 45-50 (after level 50 as well): At this point there’s not much else to teach him. There shouldn’t be any problems at this point but if there somehow is you will need to start focusing on his bad habits. If he is still spamming random ariels then stay more grounded and stop doing up air ladder. Be more aggressive or defensive on the ground and kill from there and flicker your shield more. If he’s forgetting how to kill then spam kill options like up smash, forward smash, side b into up air, land with back air, and more d smash ledge trapping. Be more grounded and do less combo options say dash attack, up tilt, f tilt for example. Just really any bad habit jst work on until he can kill percistley,gets in well without getting launched out immediately, and can play very defensively which seems hard I get it but it takes more than average work to train a low tier to be optimal. It’s worth it tho because it was this amiibo character that got 3rd place in a pvp human tournament.

How to Train a Fox amiibo in Smash Ultimate (Spirits)

Fox amiibo can struggle with getting the kill so really I would have his attack stats higher than his defensive stats but not too big of a gap because he can die early. Support spirits I used were more attack increasing spirits that can be useful on the ground so for example: Foot attack up, dash attack up, all specials up etc. I don’t make it all attack buff cause then he’ll struggle with defensive play. Since he would wanna use dash attack a lot I decided to do some shield buffs to teach him to use his shield for example, shield durability up, healing shield, perfect shield reflect, easier perfect shield etc. These buffs shouldn’t really change the Fox AI too much but if it does then refer back to how i trained my Fox level 1-16 to give him all the recaps. People usually input the spirits before the training but you don’t have to copy me but I input them around levels 42-45 to get him to lvl 50 faster. It’s not a good idea tho which is why I would recommend inputting the spirits before the training.

Q&A: Q:“My Fox is moving pretty slow and taking longer to secure the kills, what should I do?”
A: Start going in with more aggressive options with Fox for example dash attack into up smash, dash attack into up air just really any damage racking moves and kill options.
Q: My Fox is using too many damage racking moves and not using any kill options
A: refer back to how i trained my Fox amiibo levels 17-36 and constantly spam up smash and f smash.
Q: My Fox is being airborne(in the air too much) and spamming random ariels
A: This will take a bit to fix but turn his learning on, go the Fox ditto on fd, and play grounded as much as possible. No up air juggles and no aerial landing, more parrying and shielding, plenty of up smash and f smashing ledge trap, and no up b’s on stage. It should start improving after 3-5 rounds if not you might wanna retrain but that’s only a last resort option.
Q: during the training my Fox amiibo is up-smashing randomly and not hitting me
A: use other kill options other than f smash and side b on stage more. More dash attacks and grabs as well and parry every up smash he tries to throw our randomly
Q: Is it safe to teach my Fox to go offstage
A: absolutely not. The best I can think of is him teching a stage spike and nair afterwards. Otherwise he should be ledge trapping at all times.
If you have any more questions you can hit me up in my dms on discord or twitter.
Discord name is EAX|Superberry#9704 Twitter name is @ESuperberry


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