Training the Terry amiibo breaks the rules of amiibo training

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Frantically Trying to Repair All These Broken Rules

I get asked on a pretty regular basis, “Doc, what do the best players’ amiibo look like? They’re the best amiibo, right?” And the answer to that question is, as always, no. Your skill in competitive human Smash doesn’t translate at all to amiibo training.

I think the Terry amiibo breaks that. We’ve established that the Terry amiibo can be taught to use Go! moves, so long as the human trainer repeatedly spams those moves. This is pretty unique in amiibo training – being able to input the moves you want the amiibo to input is usually not a concern, but Go! moves are notably more difficult than a simple direction and button combination. This could be an issue with players (like myself) who physically don’t have the dexterity to input them in consistently in the first place.

This wasn’t a problem with Ryu and Ken, either. Most of their special move inputs are built-in and can’t be taught or untaught, so trainers didn’t need to worry about being able to actually use those commands.

I’m mostly just cranky about this because now it’s yet another exception to an otherwise reasonable rule of amiibo training.

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  1. Power geyser: quarter circle away from your opponent, then half circle twards your opponent, and A or B.

    Buster wolf: Two quarter circles twards your opponent, then A or B.


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