Amiibo Can Change… Pokeballs?

Hello everyone! My name is Bubs! I’ve competed in a few of Wumbo’s Amiibo tourneys, and I help him out with Amiibo related things. But we aren’t completely focusing on Amiibo today, the main focus is how items are affected by spirits/Amiibo. No support spirits are added into this so there’s no Thrown Items up, or anything like that. And the only spirit I will mention will be the lvl 99 Smeargle spirit since it is similar in power to what Amiibo’s spirit power can be. And remember that Amiibo are slightly more powerful than the lvl 99 Smeargle spirit so if I say the Smeargle spirit makes something do 50% add some extra percent, like 10-15%. Now with all that out of the way, let us begin!

So this whole article started with me creating a Pokemon Trainer Raid Boss mainly focused on catching Pokeballs and using it to their advantage. But while I was having some people fight the raid boss I noticed Keldeo (the Pokemon from the Pokeball) was doing like 40ish % per hit whenever it was on the Amiibos side, and I knew that wasn’t normal. Keldeo normally only does 21.6% per hit. But when the Amiibo had Keldeo it did like 40-50%. So I decided to go test out some stuff in training with my lvl 99 smeargle spirit team. Whenever I had a Keldeo it did exactly 40.7% per hit. Within like 3-4 hits the opposing CPU lost it’s stock. (the CPU had no spirits btw). I ran some other tests with some of the other Pokemon as well. The pokemon that were summoned by the player with the Smeargle spirit team did much more than normal to the non spirit team CPU. I will list the comparisons of the Pokemons damage output with the Pokemon who were owned by someone with a spirit team below.

Pokemon without a spirit team:

Keldeo: 21.6% per hit

Latios & Latias: 8.4% per hit

Kyurem: In total does about 55.2% after it is done (and only if the opponent gets hit with every single part of the move. So from the beginning of the move to the end)

Marshadow: 39% per hit 

Zoroark: 45.6% total

Pokemon with a spirit team:

Keldeo: 40.7% per hit

 Latios & Latias: 15.8% per hit

Kyurem: About 115% ish if you take all the damage from the beginning of the move to the end

Marshadow: About 73.5% per hit

Zoroark: About 86% total

And that’s not all. Pokeballs aren’t the only ones affected, but assist trophies too. Assist trophies seem to take the stats from the Amiibo or spirit team. They only take the attack stats from what I’ve seen. I do not believe they take the defense stat because I defeated the Black Knight Assist Trophy and the Starfy Assist Trophy with the same amount of hits from Ganon’s dair. But I will list a few examples of their amplified attack down below in contrast with the default damage the assist trophies do.

Assist Trophies without spirits
Thwomp: 38.4%

Dr. Wright: 54%

Lyn: 36% without being hit

Tiki: 31.2% per hit

Assist Trophies with spirits

Thwomp: Can range from 69.3% to around 138ish% (for some reason if I am directly under Thwomp you take two hits if the thwomp has spirits

Dr. Wright: 116%

Lyn: Does 67.9% without being hit. Can possibly go above 125% if hit. I used Ivysaur rapid jab without even finishing the full rapid jab and she countered me and one shot me from 0%.

Tiki: 58.8% per hit

P.S. just a reminder, when describing these percent the opponent getting hit has no spirit team.

Now of course there are the basics of thrown items and items being swung doing more damage. But I tested a few interesting ones that do more damage which I thought was interesting. I will list the items down below.

Items without spirits

Screw attack: 14.4% total

Curry: Around 69.6% total if you get all hits in from beginning to end

Dragoon: 48%

Daybreak: 69.6% (nice)

Items with spirits

Screw attack: 19.1%

Curry: 92.7% if you get all hits in from the beginning to end

Dragoon: 63.9%

Daybreak: 92.7%

Some Items not affected by spirits:

Bees from the beehive item (except hitbox when thrown of course)

Fake smash ball not affected (from what it looks like at least)

Blast box not affected (unless thrown of course)

While some of these items don’t increase power by much it’s still kind of interesting that these items power are raised when used by a spirit team or an Amiibo.

The main reason why I wanted to write about certain items, pokeballs, and assist trophies power going up when used by a spirit team is mainly just because I found it interesting. While it may not be used in competitive play we can use this knowledge to raise interesting raid bosses and events to make it more fun and possibly get more people into the Amiibo scene. I felt like just ignoring the buffs pokemon/assist trophies get when used by an Amiibo would’ve been wrong and this definitely needed to be brought up somewhere. Heck I’ve even seen Amiibo combo into other Pokemon or Assist trophies. I hope this was something interesting to look at (because I feel personally it’s interesting) and I hope maybe we can apply this knowledge in the future for possible Amiibo raid bosses or maybe even more light hearted tournaments with pokeballs and assist trophies.

This is Bubs and it’s been fun writing this. Hope you all found this interesting and remember to keep on training!


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