How will the Pyra/Mythra amiibo handle the switching?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Big Fan of Putting Pants on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters

The Pyra/Mythra amiibo was announced last night, and we’ve had a couple of Pyra/Mythra videos take off. It’s been a nice day for the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel.

But I keep getting the question: how will it handle the switching in the AI? This gimmick is obviously pretty similar to how Zelda/Sheik switched in Melee – very fast, going from one to the other with little downtime. We’re not told yet how the switching will happen, it could be a special move or something as unusual as a taunt (which is how ZSS/Samus switched in Brawl). But these are all inputs that amiibo are capable of doing, so we can safely presume that the amiibo will switch.

I think, based on what we see with Pokemon Trainer, that it’ll be a set probability value. Pokemon Trainer’s Down special is always the same variable and can never change (40, if I remember correctly), so you’ll never have an amiibo that doesn’t switch. I think Nintendo will do the same thing with Pyra/Mythra amiibo – set the move’s value in stone so that it’ll switch when necessary.

In addition, Pokemon Trainer has other hardcoded times to switch. Aside from the respawn switch, if it takes too much damage on one Pokemon, it’ll switch to the next. If it’s too far out from the ledge as Ivysaur, it’ll use its jumps, switch to Charizard, and then use its third jump before recovering. Obviously there’s no way of knowing if Pyra/Mythra will have the same types of behavior, but it’s definitely possible.


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  1. In the trailer. Pyra and mythra both had different combos, but they were all very simple like down tilt to fair, so hopefully the AI has built in combos for each one. But they don’t change Wright if I remember correctly, I think it was just power and speed, so I think they won’t get fricked up unless if Nintendo is very lazy.


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