Miitopia and Skyward Sword HD will support amiibo compatibility!

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Still Trying to Beat Legend of Zelda NES

According to the Nintendo eShop listings on the Switch (unavailable to obtain at the moment, thank you Nintendo Wire for posting images on your page), Miitopia and Skyward Sword HD will support amiibo. This is actually a major deal for amiibo collectors.

Skyward Sword HD isn’t a big deal – it means that the Breath of the Wild amiibo will likely be getting reprints. No surprise there, because they were going to get reprints for Breath of the Wild 2 anyway. But Miitopia getting amiibo…

Nintendo has never reprinted the Mii Fighters 3-Pack, which is why they’re so expensive. Now, it’s entirely possible that Miitopia’s release will support Mii amiibo, and Nintendo might just decide to reprint these amiibo. This could finally give us a reprint for most previously-released rare amiibo. Let’s wait and see.

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