Should Amiibo Trainers Buy Smash Ultimate Digitally or Use a Physical Cartridge?

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Man Who Is Glad He Went Digital

This is very nitpicky, and I doubt this question has popped into a lot of people’s minds. After all, whether you have digital or physical Smash Ultimate is pretty irrelevant for the actual process of training amiibo.

However, as a YouTuber and video content creator, I have run into issues using cartridges instead of Digital. I saved Smash Ultimate to my Switch’s internal memory, so it loads lightning fast. When I stream from a friend’s cartridge-copy-using Switch, I often have to wait five to ten seconds for the content to load.

That makes a difference. Five to ten seconds of downtime is time that my viewers are getting bored and clicking off onto other things. If I’m live streaming a training session, I’m already having to make the content as interesting as possible in the lower levels. I don’t want to be fighting poor loading times as well.

I recommend that any content creator who doesn’t edit their footage down to the second get the digital version of Smash Ultimate. It’s the fastest way to play, and will save you precious viewership.


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