Nintendo May Reprint the Mii Fighter 3-Pack amiibo

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Man Unable to Create Mii That Looks Like Him

Nintendo announced alongside their Pyra and Mythra reveal that Miitopia would soon be receiving a remake on the Nintendo Switch. This is a marked turning point for Nintendo – it’s been my opinion that, for the life of the Switch until this point, Nintendo has been trying to kill Miis. Insiders have informed others that incorporating Miis into games is very difficult – you have to design a character that can fit with every type of Mii, and do so within the bounds of your game. Not to mention Miiverse was shut down for the tremendous amounts of resources it required in moderating and keeping the platform safe (I didn’t exactly help this – I set up a bot that posted “MEWTWO OR RIOT” in the Smash Bros series community until Mewtwo was announced for Smash 4). Nintendo had good reason to want Miis gone.

This had the result of the Mii amiibo never being reprinted. Since their original print, the Gunner, Brawler and Swordfighter have never been reprinted, making them some of the most expensive amiibo available. While Japan received them with both 3-Pack and individually-packaged amiibo, the rest of the world only had the option of buying all three for $40. Their supply was further limited, making them even rarer.

With the remake of Miitopia, and Nintendo re-embracing Miis in the new Mario Golf, I believe there’s a chance that Nintendo may reprint these amiibo. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a small chance. It still appears to me that Nintendo is trying to wind down amiibo as a whole, and that New Horizons and Smash Ultimate are the only major appeals for non-collector amiibo fans. The original Miitopia didn’t even have Mii Fighter 3-pack functionality! I wouldn’t be banking on this happening any time soon.


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