Which amiibo will be compatible with Skyward Sword HD?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Still Hasn’t Bought Breath of the Wild But Would Really Like To

Nintendo recently announced that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword would be receiving an HD port… and that it would cost $60. We’ll overlook that last part.

This raises the question of amiibo compatibility. We know, thanks to the eShop, that it has amiibo compatibility coming. But what will it most likely be compatible with?

1. BOTW amiibo

This one’s not very hard to guess. The Breath of the Wild amiibo sold incredibly well and are still one of the most popular categories of amiibo (almost surpassing New Horizons amiibo). Nintendo has very large incentive to reprint the Breath of the Wild amiibo yet again for the purpose of using them in Skyward Sword HD. And, hey, it’s a Zelda game. Why wouldn’t it have Breath of the Wild amiibo compatibility? Twilight Princess HD managed to shoehorn in some amiibo functionality, after all.

2. Smash Bros Zelda-Series amiibo

You thought I mentioned Twilight Princess HD as a sidenote? The Zelda Wiki says that Twilight Princess HD is compatible with the Wolf Link amiibo and the Smash Series amiibo. The Smash Series is the best-selling amiibo line (and the oldest), and it’s had dozens of reprints with specific amiibo over the years. It wouldn’t bother Nintendo to put functionality for their oldest and best-selling amiibo into Skyward Sword HD if it means they have reprints on the table.

3. Other Zelda 35th anniversary amiibo

Skyward Sword Link amiibo is… a given. What about the other ones? Breath of the Wild is the most recent major Zelda game, and it managed to cram compatibility for every existing amiibo into the game. It also has special, specific compatibility for each Smash Series and 35th anniversary amiibo. It seems easy to conclude that there’s going to be some 35th anniversary compatibility beyond just Skyward Sword Link because they’ve been included in other games since then. They function as Link in Smash Bros, have functionality in Hyrule Warriors, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has made accomodations as well.

Outside of these three categories of amiibo, I can’t see many other series being compatible. You wouldn’t expect Qbby to be useful in Skyward Sword, would you?


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