What Is an “Amiibo Dump”?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, “Amiibo Dump” Is Not a Potty Word

Intellectual Property is a very underdeveloped part of the law, with little precedent for many of its issues. It’s not even clear at what point an amiibo bin file becomes the property of the consumer, or if an unencrypted bin file is ever property of Nintendo at all. This isn’t anyone’s fault – there’s just far more questions than answers at this point, and nobody can make a factual assertion.

Because of the youth of intellectual property, and the international nature of Nintendo’s fanbase, amiibo bin files are usually treated as more-covert materials to be passed around, instead of files to be distributed openly. This is just the preference of the hosts – they feel that doing so is risky despite the lack of law on this subject.

So “amiibo dump” is the term that was created to talk about how amiibo bin files are distributed. They’re typically distributed in massive piles, with all known amiibo files being available for download in one place. It is, in some sense of the word, like a real-world landfill, also known as a dump.


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