3 Characters Who DESERVE an amiibo

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Chairman of Amiibo Specialist Society (ASS)

We’re approaching 1,000 amiibo at this point, and the sheer variety of represented characters is getting a little ridiculous. We’ve got approximately five hundred Animal Crossing characters, about 15 versions of Mario and Link, and…

Well, maybe there’s not that much variety. Here’s three Nintendo characters who are far more deserving of an amiibo than, say, this creepy Waluigi amiibo. (That’s an Amazon associates link, by the way).


…or really any number of other Pokemon. There’s at least a hundred Pokemon out there that even unfamiliar Nintendo fans would recognize and/or be able to name, and Machamp is definitely the manliest one on that list. I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want the Japanese equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger to sit on their collection shelf? When I do my ab and leg lift workouts (twice weekly, ladies) I do them specifically so that I can get a set of flapjacks that look like Machamp’s.

The fact that Machamp has actually had recently-made plastic figures that look suspiciously similar to amiibo only makes it an easier call. Good Lord, look at the above image. You’re telling me that if Nintendo swapped out that disc for a real amiibo base and stuck an NTAG in there, you wouldn’t want that?

Give us Machamp!

The Triforce

Sure, this doesn’t count as a character, but neither does your mother.

Like Machamp, it’s a widely-recognizable item, often used to represent the Legend of Zelda series in media. People just plain ol’ know what the Triforce is, and fans of any Legend of Zelda game would be interested in buying a real-life Triforce. The marketing here is a slam dunk.

There’s a lot Nintendo can do with a hypothetical Triforce – it could function as three amiibo in one, with each “Tri” of the Triforce having a different amiibo chip. It could have the same gimmick as the Game & Watch amiibo, where the “figure” is detachable from the base of the amiibo, so players could detach it, scan one of the triangles and then reattach it. Maybe the pieces could even come apart and reattach like the animations in the Zelda games?

Does anyone else feel like Porky is kind of a mean name to give him?


Having Lucas come back in Smash 4 was way cool, and receiving his amiibo as the first official Mother 3 merchandise in the U.S. of A was even cooler. As a huge Mother fan (Earthbound literally redirected my life – long story), I was a bit giddy when I could finally get my mitts on a Ness and Lucas amiibo.

Nintendo is no stranger to producing amiiboesque toys for their characters (the above Machamp being a good example), and much of the Mother cast has received that same treatment. Why not take that same visually distinct art style and produce a few Mother characters with it?

And hey, since you’re putting out Mother amiibo, why not give us Mother 3?



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