Go Watch This Mega Man Amiibo Now

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Didn’t Know He Had Children

I’m no longer interested in the competitive amiibo scene, but if there’s one thing that hits my soft spot, it’s seeing a Mega Man amiibo that really nails it. Makes me feel young again.

Rukasu sent me this video asking me to rate his Mega Man amiibo and… holy cow. These matches are all high tier amiibo (and handpicked, so it could be a biased sample and I wouldn’t know), and he comes down to the wire pretty cleanly against them. These aren’t any rando’s amiibo, either: this was filmed on Amiibots, the amiibo tournament livestream where trainers submit their amiibo to randomly fight other amiibo. I recognize the usernames of his opponents, and they’re no joke.

This is the great thing about Mega Man. He’s typically pretty low on the amiibo tier list (I had to fight like hell to push him up to C+, which is where he should stay) but he is a phenomenal counterpick against heavies. Mega Man’s aerial prowess is overpowering against a heavy opponent, especially with his Up Air juggling. His point-blank Up Tilt is one of the few things that can combat the heavies’ favorite position, which happens to be point-blank range.

These videos show me a Mega Man when he’s most useful – nimble, defensive and killing fatbodies. I like it.


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