5 Other Uses Amiibo Could’ve Had in Smash Ultimate

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Expert at Telling You About Things You Can Never Have

Amiibodoctor.com was birthed as a Smash 4 and Smash Ultimate amiibo training website, and a significant portion of our content still centers around that. Hell, I’ve probably spent more time just training amiibo and producing content for them than I’ve spent playing other games. We don’t count Animal Crossing in that.

Anyway, there’s a lot more that could be done with amiibo in Smash Ultimate, but probably will never happen. Here’s 5 uses that amiibo could’ve had, but didn’t.

Early Unlock

I unlocked my Smash Ultimate characters the way God intended – right before the CPU level got nerfed a week after release. I had to slog through 60 or so Challenger Approaching! battles against Level 9 CPUs and had my head handed to me time after time, but I made it through.

While it was great to have a story that I can use as a pickup line, it would’ve been significantly easier to just scan an amiibo and go straight to the Challenger Approaching! battle – or better yet, to just unlock the character outright. Fortunately, Nintendo took the AI down a notch so they’re much easier to beat, but it would’ve been useful to have regardless.

Character-Specific Spirits

In Smash as it is today, each character has a “Fighter Spirit”. This spirit can’t be used in battle, and you basically just buy it at the Shop for 300 coins and then forget about it.

I’d like to be able to use those Spirits, and replenish them by scanning an amiibo. Perhaps scanning the Bowser amiibo would give me a Bowser Spirit with Slow Super Armor and ultra-defensive stats? Maybe a ROB amiibo would produce a ROB Spirit with Electric Attack Up?

This wouldn’t drastically alter the game as it is, but it’d sure be cool to get some spirits that you can immediately put on your amiibo. Would be easier to make Raid Bosses, too.

Classic Mode Buddies

Currently, you can play Classic Mode with two human players. Let’s put an amiibo in! The AI is relatively competent at handling very complex stages (save for Custom stages, which aren’t in Classic Mode), and it’s surprisingly adaptable in other modes. Why not give us a pal to fight alongside?

Sure, you’d have to modify the routes a teeny bit for some characters to balance difficulty, and the game would have to ignore any stat or spirit modifications, but it could work!

Hands on with World of Light, a Super Smash Bros. campaign finally worth  playing • Eurogamer.net

Adventure Mode+ Unlocks

At the beginning of World of Light, the player spawns into the game with only Kirby available for him to fight with. However, after beating World of Light, the player can do “Adventure Mode+”, in which they start over with all characters and bonuses unlocked.

Give us the option to scan in amiibo of our character and increase our bonuses! If I’m playing as Marth and I scan a Marth amiibo, I’d like to get some boosts for it. It’d make for an interesting speedrunning tactic, too.

Alternate Costumes

Look, Nintendo’s clearly not planning to cash in on some easy DLC with alternate costumes. I want my Wario Mario costume, dang it! Melee got one!

It wouldn’t be phenomenally difficult for Nintendo to implement, and I figure most of the alternate costumes would be simple palette swaps. Smash has had a lot of costumes that were in one game but not the next, so having a little more Ultimate in your Ultimate would be a nice touch for all those legacy players.

It’d be a simple process, of course – the costume would be in the game data, and when you scan the amiibo of that character, you unlock the costume! Scan in Mario, get Mario’s amiibo-exclusive costume. You get the idea.

At the end of the day, Nintendo could always be doing a lot more with amiibo, but they know they don’t need to. We’ll buy them anway.


  1. If they made it so that buying the amiibo unlocked the character, people would get upset that they would have to buy the amiibo, or in the case of an additional costume, that they would need to have the amiibo for said costume.

    We had already seen the effect having amiibo unlock certain things that were just optional had a backlash – people complained that the Zelda amiibo were requirements to beat the game for their callback costumes and Epona.

    Just “recently” we had Nerrel (who made the Majora’s Mask 3D review – talking about how it was a bad remake due to the changes) complain about the Loftwing amiibo, leading to a panic that Nintendo would have to “force us to buy a Ganondorf amiibo” in order to get to the ending of a hypothetical Ocarina of Time HD.

    While I would like to see amiibo use in Smash grow a bit more, I think Classic Mode and World of Light are far too gone for them to implement, and what they have implemented was neat enough – with them being usable in training mode, Squad Strike, Tournament Mode, etc.

    In the end though, all I really wanted was for Tournament Mode to include Sets, instead of a one match decides the outcome default.


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