Where to Buy Nintendo Switch Consoles for Cyber Monday 2021 (Without Spending a Lot)

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Seriously Wanting to Replace His Switch

There will be Amazon Affiliates Links in this post. We get a cut from them.

The benefits of dying brick-and-mortar stores is that they get inventory, but not customers. This is ideal for collectors and enthusiasts who are trying to find that laaaaaast bit of stock before it’s all sold out. These stores are sometimes large chains and retailers like Gamestops, but sometimes they’re your secondhand mom-and-pop places. These are the places you should be checking on Cyber Monday if you’re looking for Nintendo Switch consoles.

Remember – Nintendo Switches have been in very short supply since the start of the 2020 pandemic. The likelihood that you’re going to get one without these stores is very slim. Places like Walmart and Target are keeping their listings at MSRP, but they have nothing in stock.

Amazon (No, Really?)

This listing is the one I’m talking about.

Yes, I know it’s kind of an obvious one, certainly not as obvious as the other options on this list. But this is one of the very few places I’ve found any Nintendo Switch variant being sold for MSRP. Most of the other Switch listings on Amazon are 2-week shipping delays and for 150% the normal price. This Switch Lite listing is brand new, covered under Nintendo warranty, and available at MSRP.

This may be your best shot.


Nobody likes refurbished consoles. But you know what’s worse? Not having one at all. If you’re looking for a home Nintendo Switch, Gamestop is one of the few places that have anything in stock. Just… don’t buy all of them, I’d like to get a new one for myself when finals are done.

As you can see, they’re refurbished – but also sold at a discount. I’m incredibly surprised these are even still in stock, let alone being sold for less than MSRP. As best as I can tell, these are your best shot at buying a home Nintendo Switch on Cyber Monday, short of stealing one.

eBay (Console Only)

I’ll let you in on a little secret – You can buy the parts of a Nintendo Switch separately. And it’s actually cheaper if you do. If you’re savvy, you can pick up a Switch Dock and Power cable on their own from places like eBay, and then find one of these bad boys:

Truthfully, these listings are the only ones I could find after going through 20+ stores. Nobody else has anything close to a Nintendo Switch in stock, at least not without paying $450+.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


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