Amiibo/NTAG215 Chip Formats, Explained

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Gives Kindergartners NTAG Stickers for Good Behavior

You’ve probably learned about how to make amiibo and what an NTAG215 chip is. By this point, you’re comparing the different kinds of amiibo and NTAG chips, and trying to decide which kind of amiibo format is best for you.

So what are the available formats? Some of these links are Amazon Affiliates links, which we make a minor commission from.

Amiibo Stickers/NTAG215 Stickers

These are amiibo stickers.

The most common type of amiibo/NTAG215 chip is the amiibo sticker. It’s a pretty simple concept: the chip sits inside a small, paper disc with adhesive on one side. It’s just like the stickers you’d give to a child. You can use it on just about anything it’ll stick to, as long as you don’t bend it and don’t let it get cold. I keep a Simon Belmont amiibo sticker on the inside cover of my Bible.

Amiibo Stickers are super cheap and versatile, and they’re actually what’s being used in all the following NTAG chip formats as well.

A few years ago in Taiwan, someone was arrested for selling 5,000 unofficial amiibo cards. This has never happened anywhere else.

Amiibo Card/NTAG215 Card

These are unwritten amiibo cards.

You know how there’s all these people selling “fanmade amiibo cards” on Etsy? This is that exact product. These people buy the amiibo/NTAG215 cards in that Amazon listing, print their designs on it, write the character to the amiibo chip and sell it back to you for a nice markup. Amiibo cards are just amiibo stickers inside a piece of cardstock. Nothing fancy.

Amiibo cards have advantages over amiibo stickers, although they’re slightly more expensive per unit. Unlike amiibo stickers, amiibo cards:

  • Are harder to lose
  • Can be printed on more easily
  • Are more durable with children

Personally, I never buy fanmade amiibo stickers, only amiibo cards. It’s the superior format if you’re planning on actually using the amiibo.

Amiibo Coins/NTAG215 Coins

These are amiibo coins.

The black sheep of the amiibo family, amiibo coins are the smaller cousin of amiibo cards. Instead of having a full rectangle of cardstock, amiibo coins are just an NTAG215 chip with cardstock on the adhesive side.

They’re cheaper, almost as cheap as simple amiibo stickers, but pretty hard to lose. Don’t go outside with these when it’s windy.

Amiibo coins are most useful for Animal Crossing fans – they’re still big enough to be printed on, and you can easily convert them into a keychain or similarly-stored device. Just make sure to keep track of them, as I hear lots of stories about people losing their amiibo coins.

I wasn’t kidding – these formats are all just an amiibo sticker on a cardstock format. If you’d like to learn more, check out this video that fully explains all the different types of amiibo.


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