Go to ShopGoodwill RIGHT NOW if you collect amiibo

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Big Fan of ShopGoodwill

Christmas is wrapping up and people are donating amiibo to Goodwill stores across the country because their ungrateful brat children complained for some reason. If you’re not checking Craigslist and ShopGoodwill periodically through the day, you’re going to miss some great finds.

Most of these amiibo simply can’t be found New In Box anymore, and definitely not for these prices. These auctions are a few days out from being complete, but believe me – if you don’t go for these, you will be sorry. Take it from a guy who could’ve had Bayonetta Player 2.

If you’re more interested in the pricing and economics of amiibo collecting, then you’re probably better off reading this post.


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