Sanrio amiibo cards hit shelves again!

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Found Out the Hard Way

Last month, it was announced that the Sanrio amiibo cards and Series 5 cards would be reprinted. I, being the studious person that I am, was completely oblivious to this, as I had my law school finals to study for.

So last weekend I was on, boredly seeing if there were any scrapped amiibo to rescue from the dump, and I found several $10 listings for Sanrio amiibo cards new in the package. I checked their secondhand price, and it was still at ~$25 according to eBay. I figured hey, these cards are only going to get rarer, so I might as well grab a pack now and then I can resell it later when they’re impossible to find, or maybe give it away to somebody on the channel when I hit 5,000 subscribers or something.

So I put in my bid, and found out last night that I won. That was pretty odd – Shop Goodwill usually has at least a few bots auto-bidding on everything, so you have to either get lucky or pay market value. But I moved around the money, and paid for my prize.

Come to find out, as I’m with family snooping around Target, that the Sanrio amiibo cards have been reprinted, and that I didn’t need to pay $10 + $10 shipping when I could’ve paid $15 and had them immediately.


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