The Best Etsy Stores to Buy Hello Kitty/Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Conducts Too Much Research Into Amiibo

It’s been three months since the release of the highly-prized Sanrio amiibo cards were put up for sale… and sold out in twenty seconds. Since then, there’s been absolutely no reprints of the card series. Target, being the exclusive retailer, maintained no physical stock whatsoever, opting for all-online sales, leading us to conclude that, unfortunately, the Sanrio series is entirely sold out in the United States, no exceptions.

However, reproduction cards are plentiful. These are the best Etsy stores in which to purchase reproduction Sanrio amiibo cards, or other similarly-functioning variants.

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RetroCarts – The BMW of Reproduction Sanrio Amiibo Cards

RetroCarts’ Sanrio amiibo card reproduction is pretty damn impressive. Most Etsy stores, including some of the later ones on this list, will just consist of a typical inkjet printer-produced design with an NTAG215 chip slapped inside. I’ve done my research on RetroCarts’ cards, and most people say they’re just about identical to the original Sanrio cards.

However, you’ll find that some of the shops on this listing (and on Amazon) are priced much lower than RetroCarts. That’s because they’re not the same product – while RetroCarts goes out of its way to make a convincing reproduction, other stores are only selling functionality. RetroCarts is still much cheaper than buying the original by far.

Here’s RetroCarts’ Sanrio amiibo card listing.

ACNHAmiibosbyFundi – The Dollar Store of Sanrio Amiibo Cards

If you’re only looking for Sanrio amiibo functionality, this is where you go. These amiibo cards aren’t as cute as the actual product, but they’re very passable. They’re typically half the cost of a RetroCarts Sanrio set, but also offer free shipping (currently). The cards are basically tiny buttons, about the size of a quarter, and come with prints on the cards telling you what character they are.

You can find ACNHAmiibosbyFundi’s amiibo card listing here.

RenBlueCreations – The Truck Stop Rubber of Amiibo Coins

The one thing cheaper than an amiibo card is an amiibo coin. RenBlue Creations is the same approach as ACNHAmiibosbyFundi – they’re cheap and get the job done. However, they use a format that’s even less costly than amiibo cards – amiibo coins. If you’re looking to only have Sanrio amiibo functionality and you simply do not give a rip about cutesy things, this shop is your friend. They do it, they do it at the lowest possible cost, and that’s it.

Here’s RenBlueCreations’ Sanrio amiibo coin listing.


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