The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Terry amiibo in Smash Ultimate

by Bubs, Guest Contributor

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I’ve written a Smashboards post detailing the Terry amiibo trainingthat post is more for Raid Boss trainers. – Doc

Hello my fellow Amiibo trainers! I am here today to teach you all how to train the Terry Amiibo! My Terry UltraChad! has done well in many bin tournaments, most notably he won CoHost Major 2 at level 48 (CoHost was one of the biggest bin tournaments held in Amiibo and I definitely meant to send a level 48 Terry).

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A.I. Issues

Terry doesn’t really have anything wrong with his AI. The only thing you could say that is “wrong” with his AI is sometimes an opponent can fall out of power dunk. That’s really a character issue, not an AI problem. 

Overall Playstyle

Terry’s main playstyle is to walk and stay grounded for pretty much the whole round. He should be trained to Parry and shield since he can do quite a few things out of shield. His main goal is to land Jab Jab into practically anything or Down Tilt into some things, along with just throwing out some specials like Burning Knuckle, Power Dunk, and Buster Wolf.

How to Train the Terry amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Terry should really abuse his specials and confirms into specials. While training, make sure you are dittoing the amiibo and fighting on Omega/Final Destination only or Battlefield (although I prefer Omega/Final Destination stages). I’ll go ahead and list the moves down below and if I didn’t list it it either isn’t important or doesn’t need to be used.

Side Special – This move should be used, as it helps secure kills and is a pretty solid approach option.

Jab – USE THIS MOVE. It leads into practically anything Terry has. Jab-Jab-Power Dunk (Down Special) kills and does good damage, Jab Jab can follow up into Buster Wolf, Up Special, Down Smash, Crack Shoot (the other form of Side Special), and I’m sure I’m missing some but those are the ones I’m gonna list. Be sure to use Power Dunk more than Side Special.

Crack Shoot – Crack Shoot (the other form of Side Special) is a good approach option and is much better than the normal Side Special when it comes to approaching, but it is not a good kill move so don’t use this hoping it will kill. However, it’s a multi hit, it can jump over certain attacks, and it can help Terry get in, so I would definitely use this move to help approach.

Power Dunk (Down Special) – Power Dunk doesn’t just need to be used out of Jab (but you definitely should use Jab-Jab-Power Dunk), you can use this move raw and it can still work by doing damage and even killing, so use this move.

Down Tilt – You can use Down Tilt (I would at least recommend using it a little) since it can lead into things like Side Special, Down Special, etc.

Power Wave – Power Wave can be used, and you can make your Terry more of a campy Amiibo that makes the opponent approach you and then Terry punishes them, so using Power Wave can work. Terry is still good without Power Wave.

GO Moves – Buster Wolf input

Power Geyser input

Buster Wolf – Whenever you hit 100% as Terry you should be using this move. It does crazy damage, it can kill at ledge around 60% (depends on the character). You can also do Jab-Jab-Buster Wolf and just destroy people. Definitely use this move when you hit 100%.

Power Geyser – Use this move but not too much, you just kinda have to use it a medium amount at most and Terry will learn it. He already uses it at ledge if you just do a little, so if you want him to use it more you’ll have to teach him.

Bubs teaches us how to train the best Terry amiibo in Smash!

Spirit Sets for Terry amiibo

Trade Off Ability, Physical Attack Up, Fist Attack Up – This is just for a lot of power, and honestly, this is probably one of his best spirit sets so if you just want him to do crazy power use this one.

Instadrop + Physical Attack – The main thing here is instadrop which can lead into some moves and is a fun one to give him while still being good. Also you can replace the physical attack with anything you like it doesn’t need to be physical attack

Why It Works

To sum up, Terry should be walking, grounded, and parry and shield while using jabs to lead into many things. Use his specials to kill or do damage to the opponent. It works since Terry’s out of shield options are great, his GO moves kill early and rack up damage really fast, his Side and Down Specials are moving hit boxes that kill (with the exception of Crack Shoot which is still a really good approach option) and can help him get in, and with all these great tools and a pretty decent recovery he becomes a very good Amiibo. Just remember to shield and parry along with all the moves I mentioned earlier because he really benefits from shield and parries. I hope this guide helped you all out and hope you all enjoy the fun of Amiibo!



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