Kirby and the Forgotten Land is getting amiibo support!

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Still Not Sure What’s the Difference Between Kirby Super Star and Every Kirby Game That Came After

You’ve probably heard that there’s a few Kirby amiibo reprints coming our way – specifically, Kirby, Meta Knight and King Dedede‘s Kirby series incarnations. And… Byleth? Byleth. We’re getting Byleth too, I suppose.

As it would happen, these are being reprinted to satiate the demand that will arise when Forgotten Land comes out. If you’re an avid Amiibo Doctor reader, you’ll probably remember how Nintendo strategizes most of their amiibo reprints: when a game comes out, reprint its amiibo. So, given that Forgotten Land is a Kirby game, and that the Kirby amiibo reprints were discovered by the media a few days ago, it’s really pretty obvious that Forgotten Land was the secret intention behind having the reprints.


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