Look at this custom Cursed Kirby amiibo

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Subscribe

The primary determinant of a good amiibo trainer is not their choice of training method, nor their understanding of the amiibo itself. Nay, it is the custom amiibo that they buy or produce.

During my undergrad, I would often 3D-print interesting models and put amiibo chips on them to make functional custom amiibo. My personal favorite was the Triforce, which had Zelda, Link and Ganondorf chips on it, and was spray-painted a glittery gold. I can’t do that anymore, but the appreciation is still there.

I’ve just purchased this monstrosity off of Etsy, and I plan to use a Kirby amiibo chip (once the reprints come out) to make it a fully-functional Kirby amiibo.

I plan to show it periodically on the Youtube channel to remind people to subscribe – hence the name at the bottom.


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