Every Steve amiibo Pre-Order

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Still Waiting On That Release Date

As you’ve seen in the byline, Steve’s release date hasn’t been announced. Despite that, numerous retailers are offering pre-orders so collectors and customers can get their pre-orders in early.

As always, it’s safest to pre-order from two retailers at once, especially when the amiibo releases during the holidays. Supplies tend to sell out fast, and with the supply chain being the mess that it is, you probably have less than a 50% chance of buying the amiibo you want.

If only pre-order insurance was a thing…

Anyway, here’s the list of Steve amiibo pre-orders that I could find. This’ll be updated as we move closer to the release date, so stick it in your bookmarks for easy finding.

Amazon Japan

American Amazon doesn’t have their listings posted, and Japan typically has a much larger amiibo supply than the West, so pre-ordering from Japan is your safest bet, if not your fastest.

Steve and Alex Double-Pack, Amazon Japan


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