Why the Steve and Min Min amiibo Release Date Will Probably Drop Tomorrow

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Forgot That Nintendo Directs Existed for a While

It was announced today that a Nintendo Direct is coming at around 2 PM PST tomorrow. Since I’ll be at a lunch meeting when it goes live, I can’t provide an immediate breakdown of the amiibo-related things in the Direct for several hours. So you’re getting the next best thing: predictions.

Nintendo has already stated that they plan for the Steve and Min Min amiibo to release in “Spring 2022”. That could be spring in North America, or spring on Mars – Nintendo sometimes has trouble sticking to a schedule. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it’s probably spring in North America or Japan (Nintendo has notably few customers on Mars).

Release Dates

Spring has four months until it gives way to summer, according to the various calendar companies that dictate our world order. Nintendo typically gives more advanced warning for the release dates of physical products, so squeezing a release date announcement and having a release date that’s still inside “Spring 2022” is going to be difficult without announcing it tomorrow.

The Bin Files

As I’ve demonstrated on the Youtube channel, Ninty’s already put in the Steve, Min Min and other amiibo in Smash Ultimate. Historically, they’ve done this with only a few weeks to months before the release date, with scarce exceptions. While the other characters like Kazuya are certainly several months away from having an amiibo release despite having their bin files in the game, we’ve already been told that Steve and Min Min are coming soon, so it stands to reason that at least they would still be subject to the “patch the amiibo shortly before it releases” rule.


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