Well, That Explains the Byleth amiibo Reprint: Nintendo Direct Thoughts

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Hasn’t Seen Melee HD Yet

I wrote this while watching the Nintendo Direct live.

Fire Emblem

You’ll recall a few weeks ago we reported that somebody had found CPSIA filings for a reprint of the Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and, for some reason, the Byleth amiibo. We all figured that the Kirby reprints were for the Kirby game, but Byleth?

You might’ve assumed that the Byleth reprint would be for a new Fire Emblem game, but no new game had been announced, and one would expect that amiibo from the Fire Emblem line would’ve been reprinted as well. Well, if that was you, congratulations! You were right.


I wouldn’t be surprised if we also had a Waddle Dee amiibo coming soon – I’m watching the trailer for Kirby: Forgotten Land, and they do mention rescuing Waddle Dees (never mind that this is Super Mario Odyssey with a Kirby re-skin), so it’s certainly not a reach to have a Waddle Dee amiibo.

Also, let’s be honest – Kirby fans need to get creative. There’s basically no difference between Kirby Super Star and everything that came afterwards. There’s like one or two different mechanics, but… this series is stale, and should come to an end.

MLB: The Show

Could this narrator sound any less interested?

Nintendo Switch Sports

Oh! It’s Wii Sports!

Oh… it’s not Wii Sports. That’s alright though. The Switch really needed a Wii Sports-esque demo when it launched, and it certainly could’ve used one a few weeks into the pandemic. Ring Fit Adventure’s ridiculous sales certainly proved that.

I don’t anticipate this’ll sell well, especially if it’s the full $60 for what’s functionally an engine advancement of Wii Sports Resort, but it’ll be great for the older folks.

Seeing the kinds of games that are currently being added to the Switch library, as compared to what they were focused on adding the first couple years, makes me think Ninty is trying to spin the console towards the 30+ age demographic. You’ve got old titles coming back, including the legendary Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which will definitely grab the attention of fans from way back when.

Also… were those Miis in that gameplay? I thought Nintendo was phasing them out. It would be super helpful if we got Mii amiibo reprints.

Taiko Drumming Thing

I saw a video once where somebody played Megalovania on these plastic drums, and I think this was that game.

Oh, wouldn’t you know it – that’s exactly what they’re playing in the trailer. What are the odds?

Earthbound on Nintendo Switch


Guess I’m playing Earthbound again! Can we get Mother 1 and 3?

WE CAN GET MOTHER 1! (But can we get it with an easy patch? Or am I pushing my luck?)

If we had 3 on there as well, Reggie would’ve come out of retirement just to bust some heads at Nintendo.

What’s it been, four years of the Nintendo Switch? Didn’t they wait about the same length of time to put Mother 1 and 2 on the Wii U shop as well? I’ll never understand why the Wii U VC games weren’t just dumped on the NSO at launch?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC

Two things:

  1. This is what I needed to justify actually buying this game
  2. Putting this on the NSO Expansion Pack for free slightly justifies the Expansion Pack, but… c’mon.

No for real though, I haven’t bought Deluxe yet (never saw a reason to get it when I already have the original 8), and seeing my favorite tracks might just justify my purchase of this. When I have law school internships this summer this’ll be a great way to unwind and lose my shit every 3-5 minutes.

Xenoblade 3

Can we get Shulk reprints out of this? Since we didn’t get news on Steve and/or Min Min’s release date.


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