Min Min amiibo AI – Research Notes

by Doc – Owner, Founder, The “Spaghetti Monster” is an Intellectually Lazy Creation

The Min Min amiibo as a whole is going to be a difficult task for any amiibo trainer. As you saw in the Min Min amiibo guide, there’s several move preferences that can’t be eliminated, only reduced – which also means that we have even less to work with.

As a result, much of Min Min’s AI revolves around how it uses these preferences and tries to accomodate its ridiculously large hitboxes in general. I already covered most of that in the video, but there’s a few notes left over that you should read, and some combos at the end.

When offstage, hits ledge with Forward Air – Remnant of Belmont AI? Level 7.

As you saw in the opening to the video, Min Min will sometimes use her Forward Air to hit opponents onstage instead of recovering. Initially, the arm would connect with the tip of the ledge, and then Min Min would fall. But as she leveled up, she adjusted the height at which she used Forward Air, and it started to hit the person onstage depending on her distance to the ledge. This height adjustment occurred around level 11.

I theorized that it was a remnant of the Belmont AI because the Belmonts use Forward Air to recover as well, and they have similarly large hitboxes on many of their moves. It wouldn’t surprise me if Min Min was built off of the Belmonts, but I don’t think that’s why she uses Forward Air instead of recovering.

Can reflect with Up Smash no problem.

I didn’t observe a lot of Up Smash reflection, but the amiibo can do it.

Will jump so RamRam connects with opponent on its return

Pretty self-explanatory. If RamRam didn’t connect on its outgoing trip, the amiibo jumps so it connects on its return trip. That’s a pretty smart thing for an amiibo to do, so it may have been another behavior that I didn’t see – but for now, that’s my theory.

First Forward Smash w/Fire extension, used Down Air to Forward Smash. Could be combo, could be on accident. Level 24.

This was the first Min Min amiibo, whom I did not train to use Smash attacks. However, this did confirm for me that the amiibo is capable of using the fire extension, and I later confirmed that it also aimed said extension appropriately. This discernment appears built-in with the AI, so there’s no need to train Fire extensions.

Can use both arms in different directions without issue

This is what will make the difference in doubles – Min Min can split her arms. It’s a bit buggy, and you won’t see it often in singles tournaments, but it is a thing.

Constant switching – As a result, switches very, very often.

This was the second Min Min I trained – as I said in the video, I did nothing but crouch and spam Down Special several times a second for 20 minutes. I then turned Learning off and leveled it up to 50. The final result behaved just like a normal “no data” Min Min amiibo (which is when you turn learning off at 1 and don’t let it level up) but it also crouched frequently, and switched in most available frames. I wish I’d had footage of it, because I accidentally overwrote its Powertag.

Can use Up Special as an attack on and off-stage

Fairly self-explanatory, if you saw the video. Min Min 2 was the one that made me aware of this issue, and that it wasn’t due to an error in training.

AI is designed to use its entire moveset no matter what – all 3 amiibo at level 50 used full moveset

This is a very important thing to understand with the Min Min amiibo, especially if you’re trying to avoid reinforcing its flaws. The fact that the amiibo will always get away with using its “bad habit moves” to some degree is the very reason that we turn learning off so soon. I figure in the future, trainers will have more success by leveling it to 50 and figuring out how to avoid the habits, but for now we’ve got to cut the bad habits off early instead of pruning them later.

Amiibo will edgeguard with RamRam.

Pretty self-explanatory, but I did see it switch to RamRam specifically to edgeguard. It also angled RamRam down.

Don’t force offstage at early levels – stop before they go offstage, otherwise they’re too jumpy

This was an early theory of mine, that Min Min was jumpy because she was always forced offstage. I still think there’s some merit to it, but I plan to resolve that theory in the Part 2 video by using Ladder Method stages in training. At the moment, it’s not my leading theory as to why she’s jumpy.


Understand that I didn’t train any of my amiibo to use Down Tilt, so it seems more reasonable to believe that these are built-in combos, and not learnable combos.

Down Tilt to Up Air

Down Tilt to Up Smash

Down Tilt to Up Tilt

You’ll notice that the amiibo really likes Down Tilt. I suspect that the devs decided to give her some built-in combos just so she had anything at all, so future Min Min trainers ought to experiment with Down Tilt as a mid-range option.


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