The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Byleth amiibo in Smash Ultimate


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Howdy, I’m RAPJM and I’m going to show you how to train the Byleth amiibo. I have all of the top 3 Byleth on vanilla amiibots with my own personal method, which I will explain shortly. 

AI Issues

Byleth doesn’t have many AI flaws but sometimes they’ll air dodge offstage and SD. This is unavoidable, so don’t worry about it.

Otherwise… it’s a pretty great AI.

Overall Playstyle

Byleth is the master of range, and well-trained Byleth will be constantly poking at its opponent with one tool or another. They’ll use:

  • Neutral Special at a far distance
  • Side Special and Forward Smash at a medium distance
  • Down Tilt, Forward Tilt, Grab, and rapid jab up close
  • Up smash and Up Air for Anti-Air attacks
  • A lot of parry with some shield

How to Train the Byleth amiibo

This is all in addition to our general amiibo training guide, which is a broad instruction for amiibo of every character.

Byleths obviously use a large part of their kit, which makes it a bit difficult to train a well-rounded one. Don’t be afraid to reset if, after you’ve done all you can, it still isn’t panning out.

Use uncharged Neutral Special at a distance. It’s very strong and amiibo don’t completely understand it, so you can sometimes get a free hit off of the long hitbox. Byleth also gets a nice advantage on flat stages if they can use Neutral Special with precision, because the opponent can’t hang out on a platform to avoid it.

Use Side Special at a distance. It’s a moving hitbox that the amiibo will automatically adjust the length of, and is very strong. It also launches the opponent in the air, which is very useful for Byleth. Byleth will also use it to recover, but you don’t have to teach that usage it to them.

Forward Smash is a strong move with a lot of range. This helps in a lot of matchups, because most higher tiers have minimal melee range. Use it at max distance to take advantage of this. This move makes it hard to train Byleth because it’s hard to get a good balance. They kinda spam it so you have to be careful how much you use Forward Smash.

In order of importance:

  • Rapid jab
  • Down Tilt
  • Forward Tilt

Byleth’s rapid jab is a point-blank multihit, and Byleth’s variation of it is pretty strong. Amiibo don’t fully understand the intention of rapid jabs, so they’ll often drop their shield while they’re being attacked by it. This gives Byleth an opening.

Down Tilt is one of Byleth’s best moves: it sends the opponent a little into the air, and Byleth can make a lot of hay out of a somewhat airborne opponent. The Byleth amiibo has lots of built-in combos out of Down Tilt, including an Up Air combo. Up Air is a pretty solid move, so you’ll want to set it up with Down Tilt.

Forward Tilt is Byleth’s defense against awkward situations where the opponent is advancing, but not in jab range yet. Forward Tilt is sort of a “get-off-me” move that’s broadly useful. Definitely throw this in.

Other Notes

When landing, try to poke the opponent with a different move depending on their position relative to you. If they’re in front of you, use Forward Air to poke the amiibo. If they’re behind you, use Back Air. If they’re directly beneath you, don’t use Down Air: go for Neutral Air instead, because Byleth has some AI shenanigans that it can do with Neutral Air.

Up Smash is great Anti-Air, but don’t forget to juggle with Up Air. Byleth has some of the best juggling in the whole game, and the AI’s pretty good at it.

Byleth has a few grab combos, specifically:

  • Down Throw – Back Air
  • Down Throw – Forward Air

If you’re feeling lucky, you can also throw in Down Smash, Down Air and Up Tilt. Each of these moves have drawbacks and benefits, so consider them carefully:

  • Down Smash is very strong, but very easily punished when parried. More optimal amiibo will be able to punish this, so consider your opponents before training Down Smash
  • Down Air is similarly strong, but has long startup lag. You may find other moves to connect more often.
  • Up Tilt is fine on its own but Byleth just has better moves. On a different character, Up Tilt would be better.

Why It Works

Byleth is simply the best amiibo for dominating a stage. While he’s not as blindly long-range as Mii Gunner or Min Min, he can flush out opponents from nearly anywhere with his varied moveset.


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