The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Steve amiibo in Smash Ultimate


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Hello I’m RAPJM and today I’ll tell you how to train the Steve amiibo. I got early access to the Steve amiibo because they added his bin into the games file in the Sora update. I’ve done excessive labbing and research and have learned a lot about his AI.

This video was produced a few months after the production of the Steve amiibo – consider watching it in addition to this guide. Don’t forget to reference the research notes, too.

AI Issues

Steve has some of the most complicated AI that any amiibo has ever had, save for the inimitable Kazuya.

He has several AI flaws that can mess him up during a battle:

  • He can SD with down air and fall down to the bottom blast zone.
  • Steve will SD with Minecart when trying to recover
  • Steve will blow himself up with TNT, and use all of his Redstone if you teach him to use Down Special
  • Steve will use TNT at ledge (which is an issue because he has many more useful options)
  • Steve mines at really inconvenient times in battle, and gets punished for it
  • Steve will sometimes try to follow up Jab with Grab, but that almost never functions properly
  • Steve often runs out of resources throughout the game, and towards the end of 3-stock matches he usually has nothing

As you might imagine, only a few of these issues can actually be mitigated. Avoiding Down Air, TNT and recovering with Minecart are typically effective, but the rest of the problems simply can’t be fixed.

Minecraft steve amiibo swinging Forward Smash

Overall Playstyle

The end goal is a Steve amiibo that’s careful to mine and craft when the opponent is at a distance. This is pretty typical for a Steve, but faster opponents often approach faster than Steve can react – so we’ll have to make sure Steve can handle himself at various ranges.

Up close, Steve needs to have Down Tilt and Forward Smash in his toolkit. The amiibo can sometimes combo Down Tilt into other things, namely Down Tilt. Both of these moves operate at a reasonable distance, and let it regain control of the stage quickly.

At point-blank range, Up Tilt is practically required for Steve. With low-level materials, Up Tilt juggling is an easy way to build some damage, and it doesn’t need to be trained into the amiibo for it to juggle. With high-level materials it’s a straightforward “get-off-me” move that grants Steve ownership of the stage. Best of all, it’s his only useful point-blank move, so… you don’t have a lot of options.

How to Train the Steve amiibo

Down Tilt and Forward Smash are your main moves.

Down Tilt is a multi-hit combo move. I don’t think I need to explain just how useful those kinds of moves are. They’re so good that they give Ness, a middleweight, a spot in the high tiers.

Forward Smash is your second-best buddy. Forward Smash can KO. That’s… about all you need to know.

Minecraft Steve amiibo crouching on Minecraft world.
Fun fact: Zombie is always watching you. Waiting. He only needs you to let your guard down for one moment, and then…!

Use Up Tilt up close and pursue the juggle after starting it. Up Tilt has solid combos, like Up Tilt > Up Tilt > Up Air > Up Air > Block Place > Back Air, and also Up Tilt > Up Smash. Up Tilt basically gives Steve access to a smorgasbord of aerial combos that prove very useful against larger opponents.

Up Smash is really good for anti-airing because it’s a multi-hit move and it stays there for awhile which confuses amiibo. They often fall into the Magma Block.

Grab is also good. Forward throw can gimp at ledge, Back throw kills, Up throw can set up for anti-airing, and Down throw combos into other options. Let’s not forget that crazy range, either.

Mine and craft at a distance and make sure you always have a weapon. We never go without weapons, lest the amiibo decide to run out of materials mid-match.

Land with Forward air, Up air, and Back air. Back air is very strong and can get early kills. Forward air can lead into up smash, and the AI knows how to use it offstage for a spike. Up air constitutes several combos on its own, building damage.


Blocks are good but can screw him over in some matchups against characters with good anti-airs like Ganondorf and Link. The amiibo doesn’t handle them too well, so they can be more difficult to fight against with a block-based strategy.

Neutral air landing is good because it combos, but it’s small. Use at your own risk.

Down Smash is strong and sends at a weird angle, so it can be useful at the ledge. Down Tilt is generally more useful, but there’s an argument for using each one.

Minecraft Alex amiibo crouching.

Why it Works

This method works because Steve is rich with combos that enable damage-building, especially his prized Up Tilt. When Steve isn’t comboing, he’s camping to mine, which keeps him from running out of materials – a common hindrance for Steve amiibo. Finally, Steve’s Smash attacks enable him to KO as early as possible.

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