Corrin P2 amiibo is restocking! (and Kazuya and Sephiroth preorders)

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Would Usually Call You a Simp for Buying This, But Not Today

I’ve written a lot on amiibo economics over the last few years, and very few amiibo have had as much demand as the Corrin P2 amiibo from the Smash Bros line. This is because internet degenerates who only wanted the amiibo to do horrible things amiibo collectors had a very limited opportunity to buy Corrin P2, and she was in such short supply that almost no one was able to snag her before she was gone.

This is no longer the case. I really never thought we’d see the day:

Corrin P2 amiibo preorder

You can also preorder Kazuya and Sephiroth from a variety of retailers after their reveal the other day, so poke around more places than Target if you’re not finding what you’re after. There’s a lot of randomly-overstocked amiibo floating around as well, like MSRP Marth and some Metroid Dread leftovers, so if you’ve got spare cash from Christmas, this could be your best shot to pick up amiibo you’ve never had before.

Kazuya Amiibo Preorder (Target)

Sephiroth Amiibo Preorder (Best Buy)


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