The New Smash Amiibo Have Been Revealed!

by Doc – Owner, Founder, It’s Weird to See Smash Ultimate Amiibo Finally Coming to a Close

(I really thought we would have had these amiibo by now.)

A few minutes ago, Nintendo announced the release dates for the previously-leaked Sephiroth and Kazuya amiibo figures, and announced that Pyra and Mythra would be coming in 2023.

I don’t anticipate that their release will cause unforeseen changes to the amiibo meta – we’ve had our hands on their bin files for a long time now, and these amiibo have been pretty well figured out. Once these next 4 release, and we get the Sora amiibo, that’ll be the beginning of the end for the competitive amiibo meta.

Expect a video on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel about this in the coming days.


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