The Realest Amiibo Tier List

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Literally 20XX Now

When I started doing amiibo training all the way back in the Smash 4 days, my biggest desire was to learn what the best amiibo was, and how that amiibo would be optimally trained. Being the economist that I am (with the degrees to prove it), my thought process as to how to learn that knowledge was rather different from how most people would think.

See, there’s literally octillions of possible playstyles for an amiibo. To learn what the absolute best playstyle for an amiibo would be, you’d have to pit every playstyle against every other character and their individual playstyles, and track the winrates of all the amiibo. The logical result of this would be having a basically-infinite number of amiibo fighting each other in a basically-infinite number of matches.

Make no mistake: that’s ridiculous to try in reality, and even if all of humanity was dedicated to nothing but amiibo training for thousands of years, we wouldn’t be able to come close to identifying the exact set of playstyle values that the amiibo needs. That’s why most people consider the “best” playstyle to be the playstyle that tends to place the best in tournaments. But Amiibots recently took its first step towards my ridiculous imagination… and nobody felt the need to tell me.

The Infinite Tier List

Amiibots is, as I’m sure you’re aware, a 24/7 amiibo fighting livestream where trainers submit their amiibo to test it against other user-submitted amiibo opponents. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Wow Doc, that sounds amazing! I sure wish there were constantly-updated statistics so I could see an objective opinion-neutral amiibo tier list in real time!”

That’s oddly specific! But now there is.

Check it here.

This tier list thingamajig is the exact thing that I always thought we’d need to get the exact playstyle down pat. It’s a 24/7 amiibo tester that now tells us what the best amiibo is, and specifically which ones are the best in each character.

Now we just need 1,000,000 more Amiibotses, and a few million years to dedicate to amiibo training, and we are on our way.


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