The Parrying Exploit in Amiibo Training

Doc Note: This post originally appeared in November of 2020, but its information is still useful today.

by Nickural

Good afternoon,

I am Nickural, the “cookie man”.  Here’s how to teach an amiibo how to parry more often.

First, set up a spirit team with a 3 slotted spirit that is available, and three Easy Perfect Shields or an equivalent. I personally use “Dan” as a primary -his stats are low enough to be useful.

Set up the amiibo so it’s good to go, then set up a nametag whose controller setup can function around the in-game camera mode and test the controls in a match if needed. We want to be able to play Smash while using the frame-by-frame advance mode that’s built into the camera menu. I put my options on the D-Pad since the D-Pad only performs cosmetic changes while in camera mode.

After all that, open Special Smash and change the speed to Slow, then create a ruleset with the player’s tastes such as 3 stock 8 minutes.Turn on Spirits. Keep in mind while in camera mode it is possible to react frame-perfect since everything is super slow and is pretty much paused if the L-Button is not touched,  but it can also take around 30 minutes for a single match.

Then start the match. While in the match, open camera mode. Using the frame-by-frame advancement tool, parry the moves the amiibo should not use, or whatever the player feels like parrying. Keep in mind that each move has a small delay, such as putting up and dropping shield, so plan a ahead a few frames.

Doc Note: The camera exploit is only necessary if you still can’t parry everything with the Easy Perfect Shield spirits and Slow Smash.

A few notes I’ve found that I could potentially be wrong about:

  • Parrying everything will lead to a super defensive amiibo that doesn’t attack at all. (Doc Note: This ended up not being a concern)
  • Parrying itself does not make an amiibo shield more effectively it seems, it looks like it’s a probability to parry when it’s already decided to shield
  • Duck Hunt could work with this strategy, but with a workaround. Duck Hunt has a bug that happens whenever Duck Hunt is slowed in any way shape or form, which could be in training mode, slow smash, or even the timer item itself. Duck Hunt’s Smash attacks hit twice per shot, Six hits with three shots all because Duck Hunt was slowed down. This could potentially teach the amiibo to forward smash when it shouldn’t.

That’s all, have a good day peeps.


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