How to Install Tagmo on Android

This guide is irrelevant to Android users! Tagmo is now on Google Play!

Please understand that Tagmo is completely safe. I have been using this app for several years and have never had a single issue with it. It works better than most of the billion-dollar apps on my phone. It requires almost no security permissions and is very lightweightfor all those reasons, it’s the most-used phone app in the competitive amiibo scene for Smash Ultimate.

iPhone alternative to Tagmo can be found here.

To install Tagmo, you will need:

  • An Android phone or tablet capable of NFC (Near-Field Communication) – you can buy one through this Amiibo Doctor Amazon Affiliate link
  • Knowledge of the location of the NFC point on your device
  • An APK Installer app (these are easy to find on Google Play)
  • Developer mode activated on your device

I’ll assume you have the first three already, so let’s walk you through Developer mode. If you don’t have the first three, then download an APK Installer app from Google Play, and do a quick search of your phone to see where the NFC Point is.

Developer mode – to install Tagmo

Tagmo is not a Google Play app. In order to install it, you’ll need to obtain Developer Permissions for your Android device. This part is easy. Just follow the screenshots and read the captions below.

Some phones may have slightly different menus than this one. The end goal is the “Build number” menu, so if you can’t find it, then ask a youngster for help.

First, you’ll open the “Settings” app on your phone. Then, open the System menu. These menus may look different on your phone, but the names will usually be similar.


Next, navigate to the “About phone” section. I have removed my phone’s information from this screenshot, your phone will definitely have more information on it. Nonetheless, open “About phone”.


The next screen will give you lots of gibberish information. We’re not worried about that. Just find the “Build number” section, it’s usually at the bottom.

Tap “Build number” seven times. Nope, I’m not kidding. On the seventh tap, it’ll give you a message congratulating you for being an Android developer! Your phone will still function the same way as it did before, but now you have a few more options.

At this point, your installation process starts to depend on your phone. If your phone has a search feature for the Settings menu, search “Unknown apps” or “Unknown sources”. Sometimes the option will be under Developer Options, and sometimes it’s under Apps & Permissions. If you can’t find it, ask a youngster.


If it’s not in one of those two menus, search around for a while. It may be in a convoluted location, depending on your phone, but it will be there.

The name will often be slightly different, but close enough you’ll be able to recognize it. Here’s what mine looked like.


Open the unknown apps menu, and give your APK Installer app permission to install unknown apps. Don’t give any other app permission to do that. We only trust Tagmo, and no other apps on Amiibo Doctor.

How to Install Tagmo

Now, you’ll want to actually install Tagmo. Go to this GitHub link, and click the newest APK file under “Assets”. Don’t click anything else on the site (your phone might ask if you want to keep this file; answer yes). The website will download a small file to your phone, and that’s the Tagmo app.

Open your APK Installer app (your phone may have one built-in), and go to the “Install APKs” section. Each app is different, so this may take some experimentation. (And as always, don’t be afraid to ask a youngster). It will usually have a list of the APK files on your phone ready for you. This is what mine looks like:


If it doesn’t have that readily available, then look through your Downloads folder for the Tagmo APK. When you find it, select the file and press “Install”. It should install without a hitch.

Congratulations! You’ve just installed Tagmo. To use Tagmo, please continue reading at this guide. It has some important links that you will require to use Tagmo.



  1. You don’t need to download an APK installer on most phones. You can just select the APK in your downloads and install it with your phones built in file manager


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