“My NTAG215 chips won’t work! What do I do?” – Troubleshooting NTAG215s/amiibo chips/cards

This guide assumes you’re familiar with NTAG215 chips, and the processes used to create them. If you’re not familiar with them, please visit Doing amiibo on a dime to learn about NTAG chips.

Most of the NTAG215 chips you purchase will work fine. I’ve purchased over 200 chips online, and had issues with only a select few. I estimate a 95% success rate with functioning NTAG215 chips, but sellers on Amazon have a 100% success rate.

If a chip isn’t working and you can rule out the “Miswrite” possibility, you’re probably shit outta luck. These chips are cheap by design, so your best bet is to replace them and start over. If multiple chips are having issues, the problem is your NFC writer.

Common causes of NTAG215 issues

Cold – NTAG215 chips often ship in harsh weather. This is generally the leading cause of broken NTAG chips – they often ship from China, which has very low standards for shipping.

Bent – NTAG chips are like any other, and can’t be bent without breaking the chip. If you’ve tried to wrap it around something curved and are having difficulties, odds are you’ve irreparably broken the chip.

Miswrite – If you’ve written to the NTAG215 chip with Tagmo and are still having issues, then it’s likely that you’ve written using a weak connection. This could be caused by a number of things, but generally you’re either not putting the chip close enough to the writer, or there’s something obstructing the chip. Try writing to the chip again (with the same bin file, or a different bin file of the same amiibo) but do it in a different spot.

Dud – Sometimes chips just go bad. These are thirty cents a pop, so you won’t be set back too much if one of them goes bad – just make sure you’ve got backups of all your amiibo files using our Tagmo guide or iPhone guide, and write it to another blank chip.

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