Amiibart Announces Two New Lines!

by Spike, Regular Contributor

Introducing two new Amiibart lines!
First off, if you’re wondering what Amiibart is, Amiibart is a virtual Super Smash Brothers/amiibo themed collectible. It was designed for the amiibo community to have a free, cool new thing to do that isn’t training, tournaments, or just chatting, as well as to get people into more amiibo servers and to support amiibo streamers. Your average Amiibart image is quite simple- the image, then a small bit denoting the sequence (where was it in the order made) and number made, and a sticker that shows where it was exclusive to. Each one has a certain number produced, and once a unique piece is sent to the recipient it is deleted from every other place it is.

So, what keeps it collectible?

I do my best on my end, and I don’t have copies of any that I’ve sent out. I keep the original (AP) in case I need it for reference or to do a variant later, but the rest- from the AP 0, the Sequence One, and all the way through the end of the Sequence- go to collectors. You are the one keeping it collectible. There isn’t any trading because enforcing it would be too difficult. Sorry. As soon as you share it or screenshot and share it, that piece is no longer collectible- and I’ll be barring you from collecting in the future. Hopefully, there’ll be a website at some point where you log in, put in a code, and receive a corresponding piece into your virtual “collection”, but until then, there are a couple annoyances to deal with, and there won’t be any ways to trade.

So, how do you receive these? It’s actually really simple. At a predetermined time and place, I drop a code into server or Twitch stream chat. The first (number made) people to DM me the code via Discord receive a randomly selected Sequence of that piece. For drops in the official server, there’ll be a channel to put the code into to make things easier on you guys.

Okay, I’m following so far, but what’s with the acronyms? Well, AP stands for Artist Proof- think of it as a prototype, or a template I make the rest with. AP 0s are sort of a “trial run” of that piece. LE stands for Limited Edition- here, it’s used to refer to the number produced. Simple enough, right?

I do have a new wave coming soon, as well as Amiibart Winter Con, which I’m excited to reveal, but that’s not what this short article is about. Instead, I’m unveiling two new lines that are a bit different, adding to our standard Amiibart line, Amiibart Portraits, and the tiny Amiibart Battles line that’s coming in Test Wave Finale.

First of all, Amiibart Official has a Discord ( that you can join for exclusive Amiibarts, as well as early reveals and the ability to give me feedback, requests, and other stuff where YOU can influence what direction Amiibart goes in. Collectors are my number one source of feedback, and feedback is generally how I decide what pieces to make, how limited to make them, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Please note that to prevent alting or spamming, Amiibart will not currently be given to anyone who has not participated in the amiibo community (this can be as small as just chatting a bit) for at least a month.

Onto the new lines. The one on the bottom is the first in a line called “Puff of Color”. As the name implies, it will feature different Jigglypuffs (based off of the original Amiibart, by the way) that have been edited to have their colors change.
The top one’s line is called “Cheery Bomb”. It started by simply adding a face to a certain Amiibart Portrait as a joke, but I decided that it may be fun to make a cuter line of Amiibart that’s just that- cute. I’m working on a digital art piece that will also be part of the line, but for now it’s just different colors of the Portrait with a face.
Both of these lines are going to be mainly based upon color variants, and I don’t expect them to be super popular. So, I’m trying some new stuff with them.
First of all, the #01 of each will be Infinite Prints. They’re the pictures up top. Screenshot them, share them, whatever- this is your chance to go wild without ruining their rarity. They aren’t limited, they’re showcases of what the lines are- but only these ones, don’t share any others.
Second, there will be two limits- the normal limited runs (certain number made) will continue, but some will be timed runs instead. If you’ve snagged any made-to-order Amiibart, it’s like that. Anyone who claims during the time they are available will get one, but they won’t be made again. The piece count is not on the piece, but will be counted up and revealed afterwards.
Last, limited pieces won’t be marked with the order they were produced. Don’t get me wrong- there are three distinct markers on each piece, I’m removing exactly ONE of them. This removes any “Aw, didn’t get the first one made” and the like. Instead of, say, LE 3 pieces being marked “1 of 3”, “2 of 3”, and “3 of 3”, all three would be marked “One of Three”.
Currently, the #01s of each piece are available in multiple places. There’s also the (Timed) Turquoise & Maroon Puff of Color (Amiibart Official Exclusive) in the official server, as well as the uncreatively named LE 4 “Green” Cheery Bomb in Splicecord. Grab them while supplies last!
Until next time,

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