Amiibo To Look Forward to in 2021!

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Not to Be Confused with Doc Brown

There’s not been much information in the way of upcoming amiibo, but that won’t stop us! Today we’re going to run down the amiibo that we know are releasing in 2021.

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Banjo amiibo, Terry amiibo, Byleth amiibo

Etika would be so proud. Banjo-Kazooie amiibo are set to release in March of this year, alongside the Terry amiibo and Byleth amiibo. We actually already have our hands on them, and I’ve been training them and experimenting with them on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel. Here’s the links to their respective (currently a placeholder, but you should check periodically because we’re working on them) training guides.

Banjo amiibo

Terry amiibo

Byleth amiibo

Cat Mario amiibo & Cat Peach amiibo

This thumbnail, taken from the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel, sums up my feelings towards these amiibo pretty well.

Do these amiibo not scare the hell out of anyone? Does that texture not instill fear in you? It’s like looking at a bug crawling on your amiibo.

I mean, it’s always nice to have more amiibo that function as Peach, and I’m sure our Regular Contributor Kangoni will like it, but otherwise I can’t see why these amiibo exist. They terrify me.

There’s Nothing Else

Seriously, no joke. I wrote the post all the way through to this point and realized there wasn’t anything else. Nintendo, c’mon, where’s the amiibo? Isn’t Animal Crossing going to get a DLC amiibo update soon? I’ve got the Raymond amiibo post made already. I don’t even play New Horizons anymore and I’m still waiting for these amiibo, people.


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