Can we Expect More Amiibo Functionality in New Horizons in 2021?

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Man Who Wants Reason to Redownload New Horizons

When New Horizons came out in March of last year, we found that it was in a similar state to Pokemon Sword & Shield – the developers hadn’t included the entire Pokedex… rather, the Villagerdex. There were lots of amiibo cards that worked in New Leaf that had no villagers at all in New Horizons.

New Horizons wasn’t just missing a lot of the Animal Crossing villagers – the game was missing a significant amount of other content, too – where’s froggy chair, Nintendo? The dev team, to their credit, have been putting out periodic free DLC updates for every holiday (because the holidays don’t exist in the base, non-updated game). So, thankfully, we have Christmas in the game now.

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But where’s the amiibo functionality, Nintendo? The January 2021 update, bringing Festivale, is set to come soon. We’ve had no word from Nintendo on when the amiibo functionality is coming. If Nintendo were ever to patch in the missing functionality, it surely should have been when the Series 1-4 amiibo were getting a reprint – after all, some of those amiibo don’t function in New Horizons. Nintendo was selling amiibo cards to satisfy demand because of a game that doesn’t use them.

This wait is getting ridiculous, Nintendo.


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