The Mii Fighters Can Never Be 20XX’ed

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Mii

There’s three amiibo that have a basically endless number of options available to them, far more than any other amiibo has ever had. They can change movesets, playstyles and even their kill options easily, and their AI can handle each of them with relative ease.

These are, obviously the Mii Fighter Trio. Mii Brawler, Gunner, and Swordfighter each have three custom choices per special move that often change the playstyle around that move drastically. For example, Mii Brawler has two highly useful Side special moves: Onslaught, a rapid kick move, and Suplex, a fast… suplex.

If you were to train Mii Brawler to make use of Suplex, you’d train him to spam Suplex and then use the occasional Back air or other kill move to finish off opponents. Suplex builds the damage, and then he goes for the kill with something else. If you went for Onslaught instead, you wouldn’t have to worry as much about how your Mii Brawler amiibo is going to kill – Onslaught is a decent kill move in its own right, and amiibo opponents often run into it. Changing a single move makes your amiibo’s needs very different.

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This brings up the issue of Playstyle Variability. Often, higher-tier amiibo have multiple viable playstyles that can all win tournaments. It’s one of the reasons that Amiibo Doctor is looking to have second guides for characters that have already been covered. One of the most famous examples of this is a Bowser amiibo that only used Forward smash, and still won the tournament he was entered into. Optimal Bowsers don’t rely on a single move like that, and instead focus on other things. However, Forward smash spam Bowser still won the tournament, proving it to be viable as well.

Miis are the poster boy of Playstyle Variability. After all, even if you don’t retrain them, you can go into the menu and give the AI 81 different playstyles to interpret, and the AI will use them all. There’s no limit to the number of options that you have when training a Mii Fighter.

Because of this, I don’t think there will ever be a true endgame for Mii Fighters. It’s pretty clear that there’s some move loadouts that are better than most, but you can also alter your training to take advantage of lesser-used moves. Mii Gunner’s Missile spam is very well-known, but some trainers have decided to use her Flame Pillar instead, and that has proven to be about as effective as Missile spam (when combined with Forward smash).

After all, when there’s just too many options to try… you have too many options.


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