The 2021 Smash Bros Amiibo Tier List – Luckman & Leeya

This is the final amiibo tier list in Amiibo Tier List week. You can find the main amiibo tier list here.

All statistics provided in this report are gathered from Forenmagra’s MARIA Tool 

Tiers are generally ordered to the best of our ability


Inclusion of an S+ Tier

  • Incineroar is currently the best amiibo in the meta, with no losing matchups, unlike Bowser and King K Rool
  • In S tier allowed tournaments he dominates which usually leads to incineroar only dittos in tourneys
  • His AI breaking Side B is only countered by opponents with a greater range than the area this move covers, although he tends to eventually make his way in and land it
  • He always lands the appropriate Side B depending on the scenario (offstage is the weak hit, onstage is the strong attack hit)

King K Rool in S Tier

  • King K Rool is statistically one of the strongest amiibo in the meta, with losing matchups that are still close to even
  • The Bowser matchup is ever so slightly in King K Rool’s favour, being 52-48 King K Rool
  • Unlike Bowser, King K Rool has almost no obvious counters, whereas characters like Little Mac, Link, Ridley, etc. all have a decent chance against Bowser

Lucas in A+ Tier

  • Recently, Lucas has been dominating the B+ tier, with a couple notable Lucas trainers (mainly gamer) placing 1st consistently in tournaments of every size (standard to even majors)
  • Not only has his Lucas been able to dominate in B+, he has proven to dominate in the current USAC January CTL A tier as well as even hold solid ground in A+ Tier against some of the most dominant amiibo (K Rool, Ness, etc.)
  • Looking at the matchup data for some of the current A+ tiers, it is clear Lucas’ matchups are similarly identical to King K Rool in that most of his matchups are either slightly in favour or dominant, with very few below that
    • Graphic shown below indicates All Time Matchups for Lucas at the top, K Rool in the middle and Link at the bottom
    • Given the information presented, it is clear Lucas is able to become almost as dominant as King K Rool, who is currently placed in S tier
  • Ideally, this character should move up to A+ given the feats he has pulled (BB defeating Super NES in a testing tournament, resetting bracket against King K Rool in grand finals, placing consistent top 8 in A+ tournaments), but it’s understandable if the character only gets bumped up to A for the time being

Link in A Tier

  • Similar to Olimar, Lucina and Little Mac, Link was overhyped at the start of the Amiibo meta due to his strong presence in Smash 4 being one of the several S tiers
  • Similar to those mentioned above, he has a very simplistic training style that ensures most trainers can achieve a decent Link and as the scene was at its roots, Link was the most entered character along with being dominant due to less exploration on other characters
  • Due to the major growth that has occurred overtime in the meta, these characters haven’t really got worse, but are starting to become outshined as others are being figured out
  • Link actually has losing matchups in all of A+ tier (except for King Dedede) and even in A tier (except for Piranha Plant) on the USAC January CTL (Matchups listed below for Link, data taken from All Time Links All Seasons using Forenmagra’s MARIA Tool)
  • Arguably, Link could go Lower as most of A tier is consisted of losing matchups for him in both TLs, but we decided to give him a gradual descent and test him with this group 

A Tier Matchups for Link

A+ Tier Matchups for Link (Dedede is around mid 60% Link favour)

The Division of B+ Tier

  • Currently, there are too many characters in B+ tier, most of which can compete with A tiers
  • A tier currently is more of a character ban than a tier list restriction as there are about 3-4 characters in the USAC January CTL
  • Generally the top half of B+ tier is more dominant than the bottom half, so it has been split into about half
  • These characters consistently rank high / win A tier tournaments or B+ tournaments
  • Ganon:  Ganon currently holds 4 placements in top 100 of all time rankings, with a total of 19 wins, including a major and supermajor, some of which being A tier tournaments.  Ganon has amassed some impressive above 90% win rates in amiibots.  In terms of general matchups, they seem very favourable, very favorable, as only about 10 match-ups are generally unfavorable
    • Mii Swordfighter:  Most of the scene saw Mii Sword’s rise in success as the CTL was pending.  Mii Swordfighter holds 3 top 100 all time placements.  Mii sword currently has 18 tournament wins, and has been a tough competitor in both A and A+ tier tournaments.  There have also been some high amiibots records with Mii Sword.  In terms of match up data, MARIA shows Mii Swordfighter’s considerably high amount of favourable matchups, though since we did see Mii Sword really stand out just recently, more match ups are favourable than what is shown
    • Snake:  There have been many opinions and fluctuations with Snake’s placement on the tier list, generally regarding if Snake should be in B+ tier or A tier.  Snake currently holds a place in top 50 all time rankings, and has amassed 18 tournament wins, one of which being a major.  In terms of match ups, Snake has few unfavourable match-ups
    • Doctor Mario:  Doctor Mario has always proved to be a strong amiibo.  His recovery is among a few flaws the amiibo has, but is overall a very fierce contender.  Dr. Mario has a lot of high amiibots records from multiple trainers.  He also holds 4 top 100 all time placements on the rankings.  He has 15 tournament wins,  two of which being supermajors and one GAUSS tournament win.  In terms of match-ups, Dr. Mario has some very favourable ones, with none being extremely unfavorable

Hero in B+ Tier

  • Hero is growing in popularity and is still in development in terms of the most optimal playstyle given his unique tools as an amiibo
  • Although Hero does seem dominant, after referencing all his matchups in the LLTL A tier, they are almost all either losing or badly losing, with most of them around 30 ish percent in Hero’s favour
  • In time, we predict Hero will move to A tier, maybe even A+ but as of now, he has fairly even matchups within B+
    • Some A tier match-ups (based on the LLTL):
    • Some B+ tier match-ups:
  • Given the fact the current best Hero builds are built relying on good RNG, this character can be very unpredictable and inconsistent, allowing him to win some upsets and lose to some more surprising characters

The Current B Tier

  • Robin:  Robin has gotten some pretty notable results recently, and some surprising 90%+ win rates on amiibots.  From seeing a rise in success, we have placed Robin at the top.
  • Cloud:  Cloud is a really great contender in B tier and we originally had him in B+.  He has pretty favourable matches with a lot of B tier, and even a few in B+.  However, Cloud’s 9.0 change with using limit blade beam before recovering offstage really hurts his performance, usually throwing away a huge lead or even whole games, since it has happened more than once in a match. He also almost never used Finishing Touch, his limit break with insane knockback. Once these AI issues get resolved, we think Cloud can definitely hold strong in B+.
  • We don’t really have many amiibo from B tier, so for a lot of the decisions we made, we used the current tier list and judged order in B tier by rankings, wins, amiibots records and MARIA statistics.

The Current C+ Tier

  • Ice Climbers:  Ice Climbers have gotten 10 wins, which is very high for a C+ tier amiibo.  With the recent representation and the amount of notable Ice Climbers trainers that have gained good results, we have decided to place the Ice Climbers in C+
  • Samus / Dark Samus:  Samus / Dark Samus have had a lot of great trainers and results.  We think the Samuses have really great potential, with the strong projectile and melee kits combined.  In addition, Samus is a powerful and heavy character, who isn’t too slow and has a long-ranged tether grab from where combos can be easily done.  So, we have decided to place Samus higher up in C+.
  • Peach / Daisy:  Peach / Daisy have fluctuated between C+ and C tier recently.  Looking at the rise of great Peasy amiibo and seeing the great results they have gotten from tournaments, Peasy can be good in C+.  Their use of side b and fair really give them advantages in match ups.  Kang’s Dasiy and PrinZ’s Peach are two of the best Peasy’s and have proven extremely successful in C+ tours and even tier restrictions above that.  Though Peasy is not as strong as the top of C+, they have a lot more even match ups in C+ than in C.  So, we have placed Peasy at the bottom of C+
  • Meta Knight:  Quite a few trainers have recently been labbing out Meta Knight and getting some impressive results with him.  There have been 9 Meta Knight wins, most of which have been in the past few months.  So, we decided to put Meta Knight in C+.  In addition, we found a trend where a lot of the C+ tier characters have their best ranking in the 200’s in the all time.  Meta Knight falls under that category, so we saw fit for him to move up to C+.

The Current C Tier

  • Forenmagra’s Zero Suit Samus has proven to define the potential ZSS holds, taking games off A+ tiers such as King Dedede and winning games in A+ tournaments
    • She struggles with some of the lower tiers but her heavy reliance on parrying helps her perform well against mid-high tiers
  • Mr. Game and Watch:  Game and Watch has flown under the radar for a bit.  Even though Game and Watch only has five wins, it has proven quite consistent in tournaments.  It can take off games from top tier characters, which turns out to be sort of an unexpected victory.
  • Bayonetta:  Bayo has been chilling at the bottom tier for quite a while.  Even though she doesn’t currently hold any wins, she has great representation and potential.  We have seen many Bayos take off games from Zelda’s and other top tier characters.  She also has the majority of her favourable matches in C tier.  So, we think that Bayo could do quite well there.

Why Jigglypuff is Currently the Worst Character in the Game

  • At the moment, all the other D tier characters have something going for them
  • Superberry’s fox has done pretty decently in higher tiered tournaments and has caused some major upsets in bracket
  • Forenmagra currently has one of the best Inklings, with his current win rate around 70% for 50 games
  • Bowser Jr has received buffs to his AI which has made him a little stronger (more character buffs and AI buffs in the future could further improve him)
    • Notable trainers include LittleFang and Riparo who have had decent Amiibots results with him
  • Although ROB is plagued with terrible AI, he’s a heavyweight with decent KO power and an amazing recovery
    • Notable trainers for this include Adam2qaz and Random_Fire, who have shown to do pretty well with him given ROB’s horrible AI
    • Future AI patches could fix him making ROB a lot stronger
  • Sheik has slowly improved, there has been a lot of representation for her and people have got decent results with her (mainly TraumatizedBaconBits, Kangoni and now MiDe) to show she has potential to take sets and advance in tourneys that are far beyond what we thought possible
  • Given all this, Jigglypuff has almost no representation, has almost no character wins, mediocre AI along with a moveset that models the antithesis of the current amiibo meta (very floaty, based heavily on aerials, punishing and shield pressure as well as offstage juggling)
  • Not only this, she is super light and fragile, her only kill option is unreliable (rest) and if her shield is broken, it is an automatic KO
  • Jigglypuff has almost no range, so most characters will outrange her if she is taught using some of the more reliable training methods like musket method


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