Amiibo Collecting App Review: Coliibo

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Amiibo Collection App Collector

Coliibo on the Google Play store

There’s a large swath of amiibo collection apps out there, and they’re all the same basic idea: here’s a list of all the amiibo, check off the ones you’ve got. If you’ve seen one of these apps, you’ve got a pretty good idea of how all of them work.

Coliibo does that, and does it really well. The pictures of the amiibo are high-quality and formatted very well, and the app remains lightweight despite the several hundred images of amiibo. The functionality itself is very intuitive: tap what you’ve got, and it’ll recolor so it’s not in greyscale anymore. It’s simple, and it’s done correctly.

In addition, Coliibo’s menu functionality is appropriate to its function. The amiibo are sorted by Category, so if you’re collceting something from every amiibo series

If you’re a new amiibo collector using an Android, I really recommend Coliibo for you – but there’s a downside. Coliibo, by default, starts on the Smash Bros amiibo screen. That works really well for me, as a Smash Bros amiibo collector, and it’s hardly a problem unless you’re on a slow phone.

I’m getting Donkey Kong someday.

As far as running on slow phones, Coliibo runs into some issues. Scrolling through the app is often several seconds longer than it needs to be – it appears the app hasn’t been optimized for speed much. That’s okay, considering how small of an app it is, but it’s something that other collection apps have already solved. Thus, if you’re collecting something specific that isn’t Smash Bros amiibo, you’ll want to go with something else.

Generally, I tell people to start with Coliibo first. I give this app an A-.


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