The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Lucas amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by MTJgator, Guest Contributor

Hi, I’m MTJgator. I have trained one of the best Lucas’ in the competitive amiibo scene and have obtained 3 wins as well as multiple top 3 and 8 placements, placing top 8 in 3/4ths of all tours entered.

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AI Issues

Lucas thankfully doesn’t have many AI issues and the ones he does have aren’t seen too often. He will sometimes botch his recovery, but this is pretty rare. He will also occasionally down smash the opposite way leading to a free punish for the opponent, but this doesn’t happen too often.

Overall Playstyle

Lucas should play grounded and mainly uses 3 moves, up smash, down smash, and PK Fire. Other moves he uses are neutral air, down tilt, forward tilt, up tilt, the occasional grab, and PK Thunder.

You do not want your Lucas to turn out jumpy, so only use neutral air as a landing tool. After you land with neutral air, combo it into multiple down tilts.

In general, the higher tier your amiibo, the more you should shield instead of parry and vice versa. Since Lucas is A tier, I would recommend not to parry, and to teach him to shield.

How to Train the Lucas amiibo

Down smash is one of the moves you want to use the most. It is a strong multi hit that beats parrying. It also has decent knock back and sends the opponent at a good angle for offstage gimps.

Up smash is another good move. It is a strong move that kills pretty early, has pretty high damage output, and hits under platforms. Its best perk however, is its super armor which allows Lucas to tank hits and send the opponent flying. The main thing this move will be used for is as an anti-air.

PK Fire should be Lucas’ go to move in neutral. It can outrange most attacks and zone out your opponent really well. Amiibo will jump over PK Fire after getting hit by it twice and will end up jumping straight into an up smash.

Down tilt is amazing, and the Lucas ai can do many follow ups off of it. You will want to use this move a decent bit, but not more than down smash as that should be your primary move. Down tilt follow ups Lucas will do are:

  • More down tilts
  • Down special
  • Forward tilt
  • Down smash
  • Forward smash

Forward tilt is a quick get off me tool that’s good to have but is not 100% necessary as down tilt serves a similar purpose. Sometimes down smash has too much start up and it would be better for Lucas to use forward tilt. When using this move, always angle it downward.

Up tilt is like forward tilt except for up smash instead of down smash. Up smash has really high start up lag so a quick up tilt can sometimes serve as a better anti air. Don’t get me wrong, down smash and up smash are necessities and should be used way more than forward tilt and up tilt, but sometimes it’s nice to have a faster option.

The main throw you should use out of grab is up throw. Up throw is a kill throw and as a neat bonus, Lucas will sometimes combo it into up smash. Down throw is another good throw since Lucas can combo it into forward air, but up throw should be your primary throw.

PK Thunder is your offstage tool. Many people might assume you should go for down air spikes, but it is a high-risk high reward option while PK Thunder is a low-risk high reward option. Going for down air spikes could lead to reversals in favor of the opponent and will cause you to lose advantage state for no reason. Lucas is very proficient at PK Thunder and will try to pineapple your opponent or carry them straight to the blast zone. Even if he doesn’t get a kill, he will get free damage. One thing to watch out for is Lucas might start using PK Thunder in neutral. Don’t worry this isn’t something you have to reset for as PK Thunder isn’t bad in neutral, but it isn’t necessarily the best either. I would recommend using this as an opportunity to teach your amiibo to shield.

There are two thigs you can do when your Lucas amiibo starts using PK Thunder in neutral. You could use magnet to absorb it and make your amiibo slightly more likely to absorb projectiles or you could shield.

When all is said and done you should end up with a campy Lucas that plays grounded and primarily uses down smash, catches landings with up smash, uses PK Fire in neutral, sometimes uses up tilt and forward tilt, lands with neutral air into down tilt combos, occasionally grabs, and uses PK Thunder at ledge.

Why It Works

This is the optimal method of training Lucas because it plays to his strengths and cover up his weaknesses. It is a low-risk high reward playstyle that can both easily rack up damage and doesn’t struggle to kill. With this method Lucas doesn’t really have any bad match ups and the only way to go is forward.


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