What do the Super Nintendo World amiibo bands do in Smash?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Born Too Late to Go to Super Nintendo World As a Kid, Born Too Early to Have it in My Living Room

SSBWiki has gone through the arduous process of buying Super Nintendo World amiibo bands, and catalogued what each one does as of Smash Ultimate patch 11.0. They’re a bunch of studs, I tell you what.

Unsurprisingly, each amiibo band scans in as its respective fighter’s amiibo. Toad scans in as the Toad spirit. Big whoop.

Here’s the list, for your copy-and-paste pleasure.

Mario – scans as Mario.

Luigi – scans as Luigi.

Peach – scans as Peach.

Daisy – scans as Daisy.

Yoshi – scans as Yoshi.

Toad – gives you the Toad spirit.

Wario – completely overlooked by Nintendo and somehow doesn’t have a band. How could you do this, Nintendo?



  1. I’ve been dying to know.. are they actually registered as different Amiibo types – or are they classified as a standard Amiibo (like donkey Kong / bowser sky landers)

    Are there dumps of these ?


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