Tagmo vs. Powersaves: Which Do I Need?

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Big Fan of the Caramella Girls

There’s been a number of new amiibo emulation tools out on the market as of late, and Amiibo Doctor will be covering as many of them as we can. However, it’s time that we begin to address some of the more common questions for Tagmo and Powersaves so that we have a base of understanding against which to compare the new tools.

You can purchase NTAG215 chips (which are compatible with Tagmo) from this Amazon Affiliates link. We get a cut from sales made through this link.

For Amiibo Trainers

As is tradition on Amiibo Doctor, let’s do a comparison via Microsoft Paint-produced infographics!

In short, if you’re a competitive amiibo trainer, you’ll absolutely want to get Powersaves for Amiibo. Tagmo is useful if you want to quickly get a bin file backup to send to a tournament, but Powersaves can do (most of) what Tagmo can do, and then some.

For Casual Amiibo Users (such as New Horizons, BOTW Speedrunners, etc)

If you’re only needing a few amiibo, you’re better off getting a few NTAG215 chips and making them yourself with Tagmo. Speedrunners often rely on a few specific amiibo, so there’s no need to shell out the $30 or so for a Powersaves. If you only have 1 villager that you want in your Animal Crossing town, there’s no need to buy a large set of NTAG chips just to use 1.

However, if you’re needing more than 5 amiibo at any given time, I’d suggest using the Powersaves for amiibo. Typically 5 amiibo cards on Etsy runs about the same cost as a Powersaves (given the inclusion of shipping costs, but depending on quality) so you’re better off with the Powersaves in the long run.


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