Other People’s Thoughts

A brief follow-up to The Definitive Spirits Tier List

By JoKe07, Spirits Informer and Guest Contributor

If you don’t know what this post is, it’s the follow-up to The Definitive Spirits Tier List, linked here. At the end of The Definitive Spirits Tier List, I mentioned how I asked other qualified Spirits trainers their thoughts on the Spirit Tier List. I cut out anything they said if it was something like “Yeah, this Tier List is really good” or “That placement makes sense”, just so you can hear what they’d rather change instead. Those thoughts from them are recorded here. 

Bones “Bones” Malone – I would place any Skill that is always active above any Skill that has a timer on it. Trade-Off Attack, Defense, and Speed are worse than Trade-Off Ability, but better than Crit-HP Stats, etc. Hyper Smash Attacks isn’t worthwhile on most amiibo, because its big benefit is increasing your smash attack charge speed, and amiibo shouldn’t be taught to charge their smash attacks. Bones also suggested the “Blank Slot” Spirit and the Big 5 being in 2 different tiers.

Plantasia124 – My one note is that I feel Trade-Off Attack isn’t worse than Trade-Off Defense, and should be higher. While outclassed, I am ALWAYS more afraid of an opponent with a Trade-Off [Attack or Trade-Off Defense Spirit] than any of the Spirits in F or most of D. Plantasia also suggested moving “outclassed” Spirits higher, which I did.

TrueTitan14 – I’m not sure Phys Up and Weapon Up are good enough to be seperate. Given that there are like 5 characters at most that don’t have some form of majority type, I think you can just stick ‘em all together. Titan also helped me remake the symbols which originally looked a lot worse.

FrosD19~ – Critical Immunity should be top of B+. I’d probably move down Additional Midair Jump because a lot of amiibo don’t even try to use it. I’d put Toss & Meteor at the bottom of A. I’d also put Curry with Metal. 

Isla? – Weapon & Move Speed Up should be higher because it isn’t useless, it’s just not as good as its parts. Crit-HP Stats ^^ should be lower for the same reason.

Staples – “floaty jumps is very pog”

Fammy – “swimmer [is the funniest spirit]”

Keep in mind that there’s a whole truckload of Spirits out there, and everyone sees them all differently. I’ve shared my thoughts and the thoughts of many people in the Spirits community, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to use a specific Spirit or not. You can also find the raw data for Spirits here, which I used a reference several times. If you have any questions, the wiki data will probably be able to answer you. 

If you want to learn more about Spirits, the actual guides in The Definitive Spirits Series can be found in the links below.

The Definitive Spirits Guide

How to train a Spirits amiibo, from start to finish

The Definitive Spirits Tier List

The Spirits you should and shouldn’t be using and why


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