Where to Buy Animal Crossing X Sanrio amiibo cards in the United States

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Man Who Doesn’t Have to Import Sanrio Cards Anymore

This post is outdated. Please reference our secondhand buyer’s guide instead.

It was just announced that in March 2021, Nintendo is bringing the Animal Crossing X Sanrio amiibo card collection to the United States. This collection was previously unavailable in the USA, requiring people to find their bin files if they wanted to obtain the items.

However, the cards are now going to be sold exclusively at Target. You’ll probably be able to find secondhand packs available on Amazon (this is an Amazon Affiliates link, we get a cut from sales made through the link) after the fact, but I would expect these cards to be sold out very quickly. This is a prime scalping opportunity, so you should jump on it as fast as possible.

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