The 2021 Smash Bros Amiibo Tier List – PrinZ

This is the second amiibo tier list in January 2021’s Amiibo Tier List week. The main amiibo tier list can be found here.

Oi oi! I’m an amiibo trainer by the name of PrinZ. I’ve been in the scene since May 17 of 2020. During my time I have hosted a lot of tournaments and participated in them as well. When it comes to my knowledge of amiibo I’d say I have a really good footing of almost every amiibo and their potentials. That’s why I decided to make a tier list regarding my opinion around amiibo and the placement I believe they should be at.

When comparing my tier list to the community one you will see that I placed Bowser out of S tier and into A+. The reason I did this is because Bowser is NOT on the level on Incineroar. I don’t think a Bowser has ever won a tournament where Incineroar was allowed. Incineroar is just way too good. I could have made a separate tier for Bowser but still below Incineroar, though I don’t think Bowser is on that level anymore. Even though Bowser is unbelievable strong, he still has losing match ups. Duck Hunt, Ganondorf, Chrom, Mii Gunner, King K Rool, King Dedede, Zelda, the Pits, and Captain Falcon. Some of these MUs are either even, slightly in their favor, or slightly in Bowser’s favor. In my honest opinion Bowser is no longer ban worthy in the vanilla division. Give Bowser a month in A+ and see what happens. If he dominates then give him his own tier, but I highly doubt he will. The meta has grown to a point where the characters in the past have been either updated or improved to a point where they can stand toe to toe with Bowser.

Ridley in A Tier. Ridley has been struggling as of late in A+. His main thing to fame is that he counters Ness, but no one sends Ness as much anymore. The only MU in A+ that Ridley may go even in is with Link. That’s why Ridley would fit better in A Tier. In A he could flourish more without being completely dominant over the rest.

Regarding Cloud I have him at the bottom of B+. This situation is more of a potential prediction if anything. Cloud has the tools necessary in order to be brought up to B+ its just a matter of time for someone to start cranking out the Cloud results. That’s why I put him in B+, his tools if used properly could land him in B+.

Ice Climbers as of late have been popping off thanks to the hard works of Kangoni. I was the one to get the first ICs win but Kangoni was the one who pushed the ICs meta to a whole new level. His ICs have shown that its worthy of being in at least C+.

Meta Knight is C+. The character has shown to be able to contest with everything in C+, winning against almost every character in that tier. Meta Knight can even hold it’s own against most of B Tier and some of B+. This character is no longer a C Tier character and anyone who believes otherwise hasn’t seen how dominant Meta Knight has been in C Tier. I predict Meta Knight will hit the top of C+ before being pushed into B Tier.

Peach and Daisy in C+. As the best Peach trainer, Peach at her best can beat anything in C and below. That’s why I believe Peasy is worthy of C+. If more people could train their Peasys to the level of mine then we could see this character definitely hit C+.

Zero Suit Samus has the potential and rankings to show that she is worthy of being in C Tier. Her tool kit is good and her match up spread in her respective tier is good enough to see this boost. I can realistically see this change happen once more Zero Suits hit the scene.

Bayonetta in D+ makes sense to me. She’s not as bad as Sheik or ROB and has weird winning MUs in higher tiers. This supplied with her decent tool makes it clear in my mind that she can become D+. If anything she should already be D+ since I see her as such a better character compared to Sheik and ROB.


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